Thursday, May 03, 2007

I'm Afraid You're Gonna K..leave Me

This submission is from Sean. Wow, I've received some pretty good ones already. Keep them coming. Again, if you would like to submit a "...and I never heard from him again" story to the blog, write to cardinesblog, and don't forget to add the to the end of it!

I'm Afraid You're Gonna K..leave Me

One day, while working in the lab, I decided that music would be a great addition to my work day. I sauntered over to the cd player, and inserted a cd. The first few songs played, but after that, each song would skip, almost as if stuttering through each song. I decided to implore my coworkers. "please, let us purchase a stereo or something that doesn't have serious issues!" The response came back quicker than I imagined, "why not just get speakers, and use the old mac?"

The answer had come. So, we moved the mac in, and used some computer speakers. This did the job, but was not very loud. So, I went again to my coworkers, "Hey, lets get some decent speakers for this computer" They all agreed, and the search began, but was initially fruitless in providing the much needed speakers.

A week or two later, a coworker appeared with a speaker system. "It was only $20 so I got them, so if everyone pitches in a few dollars, that pays for them." Great I thought, and gave him the money. Weeks passed with the enjoyment of the speakers being shared by all. Then, the guy that bought them got booted from the lab. Oh well, he was pretty much useless anyway. Months went by, and he never cleaned up his stuff from the lab. It just sat at his desk. Then one day, he came in and picked up all his stuff. The multitudes rejoiced at the new space we had available.

The following day, I realized that he had also taken the speakers that I had helped pay for, but he was gone, and I never saw him again(or those speakers for that matter).


tearese said...

it took me a second to remember where that movie quote was from in the title. I love that show! Not a bad story either.

julie said...

I'll admit it, I don't recognize the quote. A little help, please!

Sean, too bad about the speakers - I can't believe he took them! At least you were only out a few dollars.

Cardine said...

It's from "So I Married An Axe Murderer." I associate Sean with that movie.

tearese said...

Harriett, Harr-i-ett, Hard hearted harbinger of haggis...beautiful, bemus-ed, bellicose butcher. Unknowing, untrusting, unlove...ed. He wants you back he screams into the night air, running like a fireman to a window that has no fire....except for the burning of his heart.
I am lonely, its really hard, this
I LOVE that movie. K, I'm done now.

julie said...

Oh! Yes, that is an enjoyable movie. Haven't seen it in AGES. Thanks for the help!

Sean said...

"like a fireman going to a window that has no fire... except the passion of his heart."

Sorry, favorite movie, I can quote the whole thing nearly verbatim. The rest was right on though, and it is good to know that the rest of the world has some appreciation of the comical genius of the movie.

Julie, if you were in Texas, I would lend it to you, I have it on VHS, and due to a really cool, really awesome, very thoughtful friend that shall remain nameless (thanks cardine) I also have it on DVD.

tearese said...

thats what I meant! I can't believe I misquoted. Shheesh, I must have been in a hurry.