Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Relationship Month: Banana's Story

I got an e-mail from banana with the following story about being set up.

About being set up: I've been on a few blind dates, but far and away the one that sticks out in my memory was when my cousin, Heather R., set up 20 girls with 20 guys. What we did was meet in the park and all the girls put one shoe in a pile, and the boys put one of their shoes in another pile. We had a random list of strange facts about our date, so we had to get a shoe from the other pile, find the person to whom the shoe belonged, and ask them a question to see if the 'shoe fit' or if they give the right answer. When we all found our dates, we then had a pot luck meal, and out-door games. There were a few people that ended up dating from the evening, some phone numbers exchanged, and even one marriage that resulted. My date was a trekkie from California. We talked a few more times, and he came to Thanksgiving with my family one year. Then I never heard from him again. (Oh wait, wasn't that a different blog theme?)

(Yes. Yes it was.) Sorry if he didn't like our family because of me. :)


julie said...

What a cool idea! Of course, you'd have to know 20 girls and 20 guys, so I wouldn't be able to do that now.

banana said...

I don't think you were the one that scared him away, Cardine. I think a worse thing about his trip was the ride up the mountain we decided to take. A sister-in-law came along, was pregnant, and threw up on the way down the mountain. It was also a tight squeeze into the truck, so coming home was not all that fun. He did comment that it was an interesting experience to spend a holiday with a family of people that he didn't know.