Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Relationship Month: The Mix CD

Back in the 80s when my family lived in Illinois, my sisters (I think) and I got into a phase where we would take our tape players and try to record songs off the radio to make a mix tape for our own listening enjoyment. It was actually a little hard to get the song perfectly at the beginning and to cut it off before Joe Schmoe or Jane Schmane the DJs started talking over the music. I actually still have access to my favorite one that we made.

Well, now a delightful thing for me to do with friends or other acquaintances is to share music. I'm not talking about piracy or anything, but I am talking about listening to the tunes that they like to listen to. I like to hear what people listen to in their cars. I actually am lazy, and I like other people to provide me with choice music for my listening pleasure, so it's great for me to listen to their tunes.

So today, my beloved friends/readers, I am going to attempt to bond with you by providing for you a "mix CD." Except, it's not a CD. It's a playlist. And, I haven't totally finished it. So, please, scroll down on my sidebar here, and press that play button on the playlist that I have added to the sidebar. I hope that you enjoy a little bit of "Cardine's Mix" brought to you because Tearese made a playlist, and I liked it! xoxoxo


julie said...

Thanks for sharing. I didn't listen to all the songs, but I enjoyed a couple of them.

I also used to try to record songs off the radio and would end up missing the beginning or end or both. I'd forgotten that, so thanks for the reminder. Aaahhh. Good times.

KieraAnne said...

Tearese and I did the same thing when we were little. Only we sometimes wouldn't get enough songs to fill up the tape so we would make commercials to fill in the gaps. It was pretty funny.

tearese said...

Yeah, I still have about a dozen mix tapes from the radio that I'll listen too. I actually was trying to put the songs from those tapes on my blog playlist, because I didn't have them on cds.

tearese said...

No way, you got that song from Music and Lyrics? I'm totally stealing that.

Cardine said...

Yeah, I was excited to find that one. I've had a hard time finding all of the ones I've wanted.