Monday, November 05, 2007

Relationship Month: Party Planners

Thank you to everyone who has commented so far. Really.

Today I'm not strictly talking about romantic relationships. I want to talk more about general personality traits. It has been mentioned to me that in this world there are party planners and those who do not plan parties. In other words, some people are really talented in putting together events. There are other people who just never really will put anything together. They are the sort of people who call up the party planners and say, "So, what are you doing tonight?" In reality, they're fishing around for the party planner to tell them what events will be happening for them that night. Or perhaps they just sit around until someone calls them.

I am of the opinion that most people are not party planners. Definitely most people are not natural party planners. Most people just wait for life to come to them or look for life. They don't create life like the party planners do. And, sometimes they're quite happy with not creating parties. Party planners are usually the kind of people that arrange dinners. They get people together for game night. They send out mass text messages for soccer night. If it weren't for party planners, a lot of people would just sit at home and watch TV every night or feel sad about themselves.

The reason I mention this is because I feel that whether a person is a party planner actually may directly relate to their ability to make and be friends with people. It may even affect their overall approachability. I think that it is easier to be friends with party planners. Party planners make people feel good about themselves because they invite people and make them feel wanted. On the other hand, sometimes party planners may feel badly if the people they invite don't ever invite them or call them to do anything because it may seem like a one-sided relationship. In reality, it is not in some people's nature to pick up the cell phone and text and/or call someone to arrange some sort of social event. It just isn't going to happen because they aren't party planners. So, I think that it may cause some stress in relationships or misinterpretation of feelings if the non-party planners never return the favor to the party planners. There are some days when party planners get tired of planning parties.

I think that being a party planner is a learned personality trait. I think it gets developed through practice, necessity, responsibility, and sometimes church callings. Lately, I haven't been the best at being a party planner. I'll admit it; it isn't my favorite role. But, I'm really glad when I have friends who are party planners. They are awesome, and I really appreciate their talents because I always seem to enjoy being around people when something is planned, even if the bare minimum is planned. So, yay for the party planners!


tearese said...

I think of you as being the party planner type; it seemed there was always something going on at your house.
And I an definitely NOT that type. I appreciate your explanation to the party people about us...seriously, it stresses me out to call people to do things, even if we're the best of friends.

julie said...

I agree with Tearese, you certainly have party planner characteristics. However, I don't feel like you have to always have something going on to be happy. I'm glad that you do plan events, though, and invite me to them. Here's to many happy events in the future!!

julie said...

I just want to say that my last comment was the first time ever using a HTML tag in a comment!!

Two things - 1)thank you, Sarah, for telling me how to do it, and 2)I'm so glad it worked!

Cardine said...

Tearese - Yeah, some people just aren't going to feel comfortable about it. We're just all different, and we should generally stop trying to hold people to our own unnecessary expectations or standards.

And, yee-haw for Julie for the HTML!!! (And thanks for the compliment.)