Monday, April 21, 2008


Hello. It seems like I need to reintroduce myself to you. I haven't blogged in a long time. Please forgive my lengthy hiatus. Since it has been a while, let me tell you about my current self (I change over time).

1. I really, really enjoy playing volleyball. I can play volleyball for hours and hours. Last Saturday I played for about 11 hours straight. I also played a little on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and I have plans to play tonight. That is how much I like it. Considering the amount of time I spend playing the sport, I should be pretty darn awesome at it. But I'm not. Oh well.

2. At church I am well-known for making delicious cream puffs. The funny thing is: they are SUGAR-FREE! Whenever I make the things, they are inhaled by those who try them. I actually got the recipe from my coworker's wife. I've noticed, though, that we have different ways of making them because they turn out a little different. Maybe someday I will post the recipe.

3. I am obsessed with corduroy pants. I wear them the way some people wear jeans. I own and wear the following colors of cords: red, orange, regular green, dark green, light blue, light purple, pukey khaki, dark brown, black, gray, and cream. See? It's an obsession.

4. I need to clean my room. It is in a constant state of disarray. I forget that I need to clean it because the only time I'm really ever there is when I'm going to bed or getting up. So, I either have to stay up late to clean it or I just go to bed. I usually pick going to bed. At least I'm not one of those people who has nastiness in their room. Like, there's no food or anything. I mostly just need to organize, dust, and vacuum it.

5. I have started to grow three plants. I am doing three because I am hoping that at least one of them will live. I tend to have a black thumb and kill plants, but I am going to try to overcome my fear of killing plants by keeping them alive. Plants make me happy.

6. Lately I have been enjoying being in a book club. We meet weekly (I think that's too often). I haven't actually been to the meetings lately, but I like reading the monthly book and getting together to discuss it. Currently we are reading "The House of the Scorpion" by Nancy Farmer. I am also currently in the middle of "Sense and Sensibility" by Jane Austen and "Summer of the Monkeys" by Wilson Rawls. I am trying to read more books this year than I normally read.

7. I go through phases where I like to play certain games. Right now I am in a phase of playing Ticket to Ride. I really like to win. A lot. And I do win quite a bit. The highest and lowest scores that I've seen in that game were achieved by the same person. I can't remember the high score -- probably somewhere in the 160s. The lowest score was 16.

8. It seems like I haven't seen a movie in the theater in ages. The last movie that I saw was probably either "Juno" or "Enchanted." And maybe I just haven't kept up with what's been coming out, but I can't think of anything that I missed that was likely any good. Are good movies really that sparse or am I just getting pickier?

9. I need a vacation. Sorely. But, I don't have one planned until the bitter end of May. I am so excited for it, though. I am going on a cruise (yet again). This time I am cruising in the Baltic. I will leave from Copenhagen and visit the following countries: Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Poland, and Russia. And I'm going with eight other people. I just hope my flights aren't cancelled. But if they are, I will be sure to take some good books to read. I don't think flying is so bad as long as I have a good book or two. Or three.

So yeah. That's what's going on with me. How about you?


KieraAnne said...

Yay! You're back! I love cream should totally post the recipe. Not such a fan of volleyball though. I tend to get hit in the face with the ball. Can't wait to hear more updates! :)


Yah, I want the recipe for your cream puffs too! I do like volleyball, but sadly enough, haven't played it since the good ol' MTC! How sad is that?! As far as the vacation is concerned- CAN I COME?!! LOL! :)

Booklogged said...

Add me to the list for that cream puff recipe. I'm so excited for you - yhat trip sounds wonderful.

Sean said...

Volleyball, did anyone say volleyball. Oh yeah, I miss that game. It is such a good game. I should play. But with whom, and where, I just don't know. Maybe I could find it online somewhere. No, then my arms would not be sore, and I would feel like I hadn't really played, mostly because I wouldn't have. Oh well, I guess I will have to stick with disc golf for now. I am getting better.

Jill - GlossyVeneer said...

I never liked volleyball because it made my forearms all red and sometimes even bruised. I just bruise too easily, I guess. I'm glad someone likes it though. ;-)

I haven't been to the movies in a long time either. I find myself wondering the same thing, is it really all just garbage or is it just that I'm being too picky?

Your Baltic cruise plans sound awesome, I am very jealous!

Cardine said...

Kiera - Okay, okay. I will post the cream puffs recipe soon. But I warn you: you may be faced with constant pleadings by other people for you to make them over and over again. And pretty soon all you'll know how to make are the cream puffs.

Miss Angela - No. You may not come. You just had a fantastic vacation in Disneyland, and I wanted to be there. It's all fair, really. :)

Booklogged - Seriously, the recipe is lethal. Thanks for being excited for me.

Sean - It's tragic that you never get to play volleyball. Simply tragic. You should try to have a volleyball church activity sometime. Also, is disc golf the same thing as frisbee golf?

Jill - There is one place on my body where I have toned muscles (relatively-speaking): my forearms. :) Also, you should go on a nice trip with your hubby.

julie said...

Welcome back! I totally understand why you have been away, but it's been sad not having your blog updated regularly. So, I'm glad you're back!

I'm also glad that I got to see you last weekend and will see you this weekend! Wow!

I can testify to the goodness of the cream puffs. Mmmmm.

Cassie said...

A bookclub that meets weekly? That is way too often. Mine only meets monthly when we have all finished the book. There really haven't been too many good movies that have come out except Penelope was really good, other than that really nothing that I've seen to recommend

warnser said...

16 really? gosh I feel sorry for that guy... um person.

Cream puffs: Good.

Movies, it's not you it's them.
maybe both, but seriously not much out there.

that's a lot of cords.

anyway Ü

Catherine said...

Hollywood has a formulaic release schedule, Cardine. The studios release their big summer popcorn flicks and family crowd-pleasers starting in May and ending in August. September is a dumping ground for embarrassments and long-shelved movies. The studios start releasing their Oscar-bait, more serious movies in October and those releases will stretch until the end of the year. The end-of-year movies also include some popcorn flicks for the holidays. Studios release crap movies January through April. It's a dumping ground like September. Sure, you might get a surprising quality film here or there (usually from a distributor of independent films), but the exception proves the rule. Don't be surprised at the lousy movies released January through April. May is around the corner and usually there will be at least one big, tasty movie in the month. Also, be glad the dumping ground is during tax season, right? It means you're not missing much.

tearese said...

I'm with Kiera on the vollyball. Reminds me of PE too much.
I loved your orange cords that I got to see in person.
Joseph and I used to buy a box of frozen creampuffs on occasion at the Grocery OUtlet (because they were so cheap) and I always talked him in to letting me have one more than him.
You'll have to email and tell me all about who's going on your cruise, that sounds so awesome!
I think a Mediteranean cruise would be pretty cool too.

compulsive writer said...

I love the cherries! I've always wanted to know how to make cream puffs. I'm with you on the disarray, the kiss-of-death-to-houseplants, and wanting to read more books.

Oh and the needing a vacation--understood! Please tell me you will get to see Finland while you're up that far North. I highly recommend it!

Cardine said...

Julie - Thanks. And I'm glad I got to see you, too. (besides when you're driving the rig)

Cassie - Thanks for letting me know about Penelope. Also, I agree that weekly is WAY too much.

Warnser - Yes, I'm sure it is both me and the movies. :)

catherine - You're right. I'm glad I don't miss much during the dumping ground.

Tearese - I'm glad you like the orange cords. They're really comfy. And they get me a lot of attention. :)

CW - Unfortunately, I will have to save Finland for another time. And I really want to go a million places, so I hope that I do get a chance to see Finland.

I wonder if Rick Steves needs someone to travel for him to get fodder for his books? I should sign up for that job sometime.

Brandon said...

I never get to play volleyball anymore. I miss it.
I also rarely see movies. Do you remember when we used to see like every non R movie that came out Friday at Midnight or on White Trash Wednesday? Good Times. The last movie I saw was Jumper and it wasn't as good as I hoped and before that it was I am Legend which was pretty good.
I've been studying for finals which start next week and then I have a whole summer to just work and save up money and have fun on the weekends.

Cardine said...

Brandon - Those were good times. I can't believe how much money I spent on crappy movies, though. :) I really miss the dollar theater. I still want to see "I Am Legend." Good to hear that you liked it.

Also, congratulations on your engagement!


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Thanks for helping me put the link on my blog! You're the best!

Jill - GlossyVeneer said...

Wow... the white trash Wednesday comment brought back memories. I haven't seen a movie in the theatre since 'Jumper' as well and it was unsatisfying.

Toned forearms... very nice. Show those things off, work it! ;-)

Yeah, I need to plan a vacay. I'm working on it... but for some reason I find it difficult.

What do you do on the cruise ship when you're not at one of the stops? I'm still slightly terrified at the idea of a cruise because I'm sure I'd get seasick. But the costs for international travel (especially Europe) are so much better with a cruise right now because of the weak dollar.

Indy said...

I am so glad that you are back!! That was a fun reintro to your life!

Cardine said...

Angela - You're welcome!

Jill - When I'm not at one of the stops on the cruise, I either try to find an activity on the ship that I enjoy or I nap or read books. I tend to: walk on the track, play volleyball/basketball/shuffleboard, take their dancing classes, play their cruise quiz games with other passengers, wander the ship, eat, etc. The cruises I've enjoyed the most have fewer days at sea and a lot of activities that I just mentioned available to me. I also want to go to a ship art show sometime.

Indy - Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm growing plants, too! I am afraid they (Onions, Tomatoes and Zucchini)will die before I am able to put them in the earth - when it's warm enough... whenever that will be... it's snowing today. May 1st and it's snowing. Sigh...

Did you watch "I Am Legend"?