Thursday, August 14, 2008

Scanning Fiend Reprise

Well, since the scanning was popular last time, I'll keep it up. And maybe you won't think these are as funny as I do, but I think they're great. My sister Cash made me some excellent politically correct Old Maid cards for my birthday this year. When we played Old Maid with our nieces earlier this year, we weren't huge fans of the stereotypical personas of the old Old Maid cards. So, an idea was born. Maybe some of you have been lucky enough to play with these cards.


I am afraid of her:

Awww... how cuddly:

Good when they're hot; good when they're cold!
Good when they're fresh; good when they're old!

I could totally crush on this guy:

Right on, Sherry. Right on.

Legend of Rock:

Maybe her horse is named Charlie:

Not even Johnny Lingo could do this:

This one's for you, banana:

This one reminds me of "The Village:"

I don't think I could behave vigilante-esque in that. The nylons have to get in the way:

Those curly fries look really good:

Does he look like Adam Sandler to you?

You can tell she's a true traveler by the closed eyes:

I think there's a girl with the name of Javelin in my town. So, is this two first names?

And lastly, for the non-Mormon folk:

And for the Mormon folk:


julie said...

I HAVE been lucky enough to play with these cards. One time I even got the old maid (fitting, perhaps???). Speaking of, my favorite thing about these cards is the Old Maid cards. Very funny.

dub said...

I really hope I get to play with these cards someday! (Ugh...that Janitor Jed might give me nightmares.)

Dana Cheryl said...

Johnny Lingo can do anything! :)

I'll fight ya for the webmaster willy!! LOL!

Cash said...

Our nieces all wanted beauty pageant contestant Winning Winnie when we played with the non-PC Old Maid cards. Do you think they'll want Superhero Sally if they play with these? Also, I'm not sure how PC these are; they're just better than the ones we grew up with where all the females had professions like receptionists, nurses, beauty pageant winners, librarians, etc. But let's face it: The concept of an old maid is pretty non-PC in the first place.

tearese said...

Ha! Those are pretty good! What a great idea...its been a while since I cut things out of magazines in a creative way. I might have to do that now. So, I don't remember how to play old maid. Are there supposed to be two of all the cards, or is that just go fish?

Cardine said...

Yeah, Tearese. You draw from your neighbor's hand, attempting to get pairs. But, since there's only one old maid (I was lucky to get my choice of two to play with), the last person remaining with it loses!

I'm glad you guys liked them.

Anonymous said...

I happened upon this "public" blog. Although, I can see your humor in what you have posted about your "Old Maid" cards, in my thoughts are these words ..."light mindedness"... If Sheri ever happened to see this, I would want her to see that someone stood up in her behalf. She has left a lasting legacy that speaks to the opposite of what these cards portray.

Cash said...

Did anonymous find it strange that the Old Maids in this deck are smart, successful women? Didn't anonymous understand that Sheri and Condy are the exact opposite of the stigma of an Old Maid -- just like yell-leading males and female sheriffs are the opposite of the classic Old Maid cards? I thought it was pretty obvious.

Cardine said...

Well said, cash. No disrespect intended towards Sheri or Condy. Or Fred. etc.

Dana Cheryl said...

Or fred... LOL! I just had to come back and take another look! These are brilliant. I hope you don't mind Cardine but I may have to copy your idea. Don't worry though I'll give you full credit as my inspiration.

Once a month I try to get the girls together to eat good food & play games. They'd love 'em!

p.s. I think Sheri would get a kick out of 'em. She seems to have a lovely sense of humor. Condi too!!