Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bits of What I'm Doing

I don't really know what to say tonight, so maybe I'll just update you on what I'm really doing.

So, today I got up pretty late. I hurried over to work, and attempted to get some work done before I delivered dictionaries to third graders at an elementary school. This is just a side note to say that 8 - 10 year-olds are totally my favorite ages. I think it's something about my own maturity, but I just get along with them really well. We liked each other, but I also gave them free stuff, so ... yeah, everyone loves free stuff.

I also went and ate at a restaurant in town that I had never tried. They make Southwest wraps. It was tasty, but nothing really special. I could go there again, but I am trying to limit my restaurant patronage.

We also celebrated my coworker's birthday today. We had angel food cake. We also celebrated a different coworker's last week. Maybe it would make sense to combine them, but we all know that wouldn't work. (The Office, anyone?)

I got my hair trimmed today. I was really close to chopping it for the locks of love, but then I wasn't mentally prepared for it, so I said no. Whew! But, I am loving it. I love hair cutting day. My hair ends up so soft and the ends are so straight and non-split. Loving it.

I had band practice, too. It was so much fun for me, even though technically I suck still, but ... well, I'm learning. My fingertips feel so raw. I need to practice by myself. We are learning new songs, and I am behind the learning curve.

My visiting teachers came over and brought me cinnamon rolls. We talked of cool things, such as the Heroes premiere. I have theories.

These cool girls who sometimes read my blog and never comment (I'm looking at you, Emily) invited me to their house tonight for some food. It was lasagna night. The lasagna was so tasty! I also had bread sticks and the filling from twice-baked potatoes. Mmmmmm... I am so blessed. So blessed. Also, good conversation. What was decided in the conversation? Free dates are good. Expensive dates are bad. Going stargazing is awesome! Flowers are pretty. We like males. Flirting is fun. Leading on is bad. A date is not a committment. People have varying tolerance levels or desires for romance.

And here I am blogging. Ah, what a day!


Dana Cheryl said...

Are all of your days this busy? Sounds like a fun one though. :) What songs are you learning?

Mellissa said...

And I thought I was busy yesterday. Oy! How fun to be in a band. I tried to learn the guitar once, but I'm such a wimp I couldn't handle the pain from plucking those darn strings!

Cardine said...

dana - No, not all my days are like that. I am a sucker for people, though. Pretty much, if I have a choice between something without people and something with people, I almost always choose people. Sometimes to my detriment.

We're learning a bunch of 80s songs. It's great.

mellissa - Everyone is busy. You probably did have a really busy day. You can't really compare people's busy-ness because we choose our own.

tearese said...

You're in band? huh, Guess I missed that.