Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Little Things

I didn't get a ton of sleep last night, so I've had one of those days where I feel a little psycho. I am more easily bored, annoyed, excited, sad, happy... well, just more of whatever. My attention span is smaller than normal, and I really just want to sleep.

So, I just need to relax. And then I started thinking about all of the things that help me relax. So, here are some of the things that I thought about, in no particular order:

- Cuddling close to blankets and sheets
- Naps/sleep, in general
- When people play with my hair
- A cocoa-smelling cream that I put on my legs after I shave them
- My cocoa-smelling lotion
- Swimming
- Hot tubs
- Hand and arm massages
- Non-busy vacations
- Star gazing
- Good music
- Foot massages, pedicures, or anything dealing with my feet
- A good game of volleyball
- Talking with good friends
- Cooking for fun
- Back massages
- When people read aloud to me
- Driving long distances
- Listening to general conference
- Bougatsa
- Accomplishing a difficult or stressful task
- Lying in a sunbeam
- Listening to friends' stories
- Picnics on the lawn
- Croquet
- Playing the piano for fun
- Making snow angels
- Shrimp coconut curma
- The gentle rock of a ship at sea
- A good, long laugh
- Ultimate strength games
- A long shower
- Listening to someone practice the guitar
- Sitting/hanging upside down
- Smelling flowers
- Closing my eyes and letting the wind whip around me
- Good news
- A good rain
- Massaman curry
- Sitting around doing nothing on a Saturday morning in my pajamas
- Seeing someone smile at me warmly
- Forming crop circles in the carpet
- A clean bathroom
- A gentle touch
- The smell of bacon cooking
- The smell of cooking, especially baking, in general
- A cathartic cry
- Museums
- Symphonies
- Handel's Messiah
- Watching the leaves fall
- Sweet relief
- That daily moment when I blow my hair dry and read scriptures
- Thinking
- Hugs
- Golf
- Going in a hot air balloon
- Dancing
- Singing
- Being alone, especially in nature
- Other stuff

What helps you to relax?


warnser said...

I think that pretty much sums it up,
And while I can say that I've experienced all I can say it's a really good list.

tearese said...

I liked the 'other stuff' option. I think Warnser meant "Can't say", because otherwise he'd be implying that he shaves his legs with cocoa lotion.

Anonymous said...

(That gave me a good chuckle, Tearese!)

I agree with the cooking for fun thing. I love when I have time to cook and enjoy it (not just rush off to something).

Reading e-mails from friends and checking blogs is relaxing to me. It has sort of become - I hesitate to call it an addiction, which is probably what it is - it has become a routine for me to unwind before bed.

Running is something I have discovered that helps me relax. The other day I was quite frustrated with things and went running in the cool afternoon canyon air. What a feeling!

I agree with the good, long laugh thing, too. I need to do more of that.

warnser said...

Ok that's a little embarrassing I can't say I've experienced all of them. ΓΌ

Dana Cheryl said...

Great list! I think I'll try a few of those. :)

Mellissa said...

You have a long list of things that relax you. I can't even come up with 10! Maybe that's because I don't relax very easily...hmmm.