Friday, September 26, 2008

Actresses That I Generally Cannot Stand

Okay, so here are some of the many actresses that I generally cannot stand to watch act. Now, I'm not saying these people are horrible or that they're not nice or whatever. I'm just saying that their acting or mannerisms just really grate on me. I'm sure that there are some people who have behaviors that annoy you, so I don't want any stones cast at me, unless you can truly say that you have never been bugged by anyone before. But, feel free to agree or disagree in the comments.

Kate Winslet
Okay, so she is definitely not the worst on here because I have seen her in some things where she hasn't annoyed me. But, in general, she does. But when she doesn't annoy me, I tend to really like her. I think I don't like it mostly when she plays a somewhat helpless girl with a pure heart and true intentions. I'm just not buying it. It's like she overdoes it.

Liv Tyler

The Lord of the Rings. Need I say more? How about Armageddon, Empire Records, or Jersey Girl? I don't know if I could have been bugged more by any one character. She acts like she's acting. Big time. I don't even know if she knows how to be normal. Ugh!

Nicole Kidman

I think that it's mostly her facial expressions that really bother me. She bothers me with serious, smug, snotty, seductive, sassy, etc. It just doesn't work. In fact, a lot of times, it creeps me out! Even if she's supposed to be really non-confrontational, I still think she's going to go crazy and kill us all!

Renee Zellweger

I think that Renee is the biggest repeat offender on here. Except for her part in Miss Potter, she has always really bothered me in her roles. Not to say that she hasn't been in some enjoyable films, but I usually wish that her role had been played by someone else. I think the first time I really disliked her was in "Jerry Maguire." Oh, Renee, how you make me think twice about seeing a film.

Angelina Jolie

Again, the facial expressions. Look at this photo. She looks lovely and happy. Quite the nice facial expression. We look like we could be friends here. But no. In the movies, Angelina frequently pulls faces, and I think to myself, "You're acting." It doesn't appear to come naturally for Angelina. She has to try, and maybe she should try harder.

Katie Holmes

I haven't seen Katie in much, but I have never liked her in any role that she plays. Maybe it's the parts that she gets, but seriously, when I saw the movie "Abandon," I really just wanted her to die the whole time so that the mystery would be over. She bugged me that much. And I am so glad that they got Maggie Gyllenhal to replace her in the Batman series. I didn't like her in it.

Julia Stiles

Interstingly enough, even when she's in a movie, she doesn't destroy it. I can usually make it through the movie okay without too much insanity. But still, she totally bugs me. I think a lot of it is her voice. Or the fact that she's talking. Or maybe that she's on screen at all.

Creepy Dakota Fanning

Yes, in fact, her actual name is Creepy Dakota Fanning. If I were walking on the street and I saw her, I would possibly take a different route or at least not make eye contact. She is the sort of creepy child that could kill you in your nightmares. And she's annoying. And her scream is shrill. And she's a child star. That's creepy in itself.

Bonus Bad Crier: Claire Danes

Now, I don't mind Claire Danes a lot of the time, but if she ever starts crying, hoo boy! Turn of that DVD! The very jaws of hell start to open up, and you will wonder if you can ever be happy again. Claire Danes crying is truly terrible. Truly. I can't take it.

Now that I have shown my extreme jerkiness, please go ahead and let me know if there are any actresses that really bug you, or feel free to share what you think about the aforementioned blemishes to film.


Cardine said...

Sorry about the weird formatting. Blogger's formatting always freaks out when you add photos, and I am sick of trying to fix it.

Mellissa said...

I was split about 50/50 on agreeing or disagreeing with you. But the clear winner is Katie Holmes. Don't even get me going. I wanted to pull my hair out when I saw her in Batman Returns. Hey, I wanted to pull her hair out when I saw her in Batman Returns.

Miranda said...

I am also not in total agreement, but almost died the first time I saw Claire cry. The quiver of that chin--out of control. It's like whatever part she was playing, suddenly she is just Claire Danes crying...again! Have we talked about this before?
I mostly enjoy Kate, Renee, and sometimes even Nicole, but yes, only in the right parts. (I.e. Titanic almost broke my will to live.)

Miranda said...

Oh, and lest we forget, Julia Stiles owes me $60.

Cash said...

Was that cathartic, Cardine? I must amen your misgivings about Julia Stiles' voice. Did you ever see "Mona Lisa Smile"? Julia in MLS battles Alicia Silverstone in "Beauty Shop" for worst accent ever.

Dana Cheryl said...

LOL! I agree with the accents Cash. Speaking of... Have any of ya'll watched The Closer w/ Kyra Sedgwick? As an actress I like her just fine but that Southern accent she tries to pull off in that show makes me cringe.

tearese said...

I knew you had issues with Claire Danes. Do you hate me because my most favorite present last Christmas was the box set of My So-Called Life, which I absolutely LOVE?
I KNEw you were talking about Dakota Fanning last time. Hah.
I actually like a lot of these actresses, but I don't have that many that I hate in general.
I've always liked Julia Styles, but maybe thats because she was in 10 Things I hate About You, in which I could totally identify with her character, and it was at filmed aroun Seattle.

julie said...

I've grown to like Kate Winslet. At first I didn't like her because of Sense and Sensibility and Titanic, but I really liked her in Finding Neverland and The Holiday, among others.

I agree with your including Renee and Liv on this list - they bug me to no end - regardless of the movie! I seriously with they would have found someone else to play Bridget Jones because Renee ruins the wonderfulness of Colin Firth.

Yeah, Maggie is a vast improvement over Katie. I'm iffy about Claire, Angelina, and Nicole and have no clear feelings either way about Dakota and Julia.

Cardine said...

mellissa - Yeah, Katie in Batman Begins: ugh!

miranda - Does Julia Stiles really owe you $60?

cash - Yes, very cathartic, thanks. I almost put Cameron Diaz on this, too. Nope, I didn't see Mona Lisa Smile. Too many hits on that one. Kiersten Dunst, who almost was on this list, was in that, too.

dana - Nope, I haven't seen The Closer, but I'm sure accents would totally bug you!

tearese - Nope, I totally respect that other people like these actresses. Just because I don't like them doesn't mean other people can't like them. Besides, I like 10 Things I Hate About You, too!

julie - Amen about Kate Winslet. I actually thought that you liked Renee, so I was nervous about dissing her! Well, whew!

EmHum said...

You said I never post and am a silent reader, all of which was true so I decided to post. Its fun to see how different everyone is even on people. How someones tolerance of how someone acts or talks can be so different. There are people I see and I totally can't stand them and other are like why I love them. I guess its what makes us all so different.

Cardine said...

emhum - Yay! You commented! I agree. It's good that we're all different and that we have different tolerance levels for people.

Cayley said...

Not only would Cameron Diaz had been first on my list, she would have been second and third as well. She annoys me because she thinks she's funny. Now, I know funny, and she ain't it. It's like she got some guys to laugh when she acted silly and giggled so now she thinks she's the next Lucille Ball.

And I laughed when I saw "Creepy Dakota Fanning" because many years ago I rented some workout tapes with a certain exercise guru who will forever and always be known to me as "Creepy Denise Austin". Nobody should enjoy those workouts that much and especially not with that soul-crushing Stepford wife stare....