Wednesday, October 01, 2008

WooHoo! D'oh!

Don't you love it when people do unexpected and nice things for you? I do. Spontaneous acts of kindness can really go far, I think. Well, the other night I hurried and parked my car on the street and went into a book club meeting.

When I came out of the meeting, I noticed that there was a note stuck to my driver's side window. WooHoo! I just love it when I get notes on my car. Some of you, my readers, have been guilty of leaving notes for me on my car before. It's really cool when that happens.

Anyway, I took the note off of my window, which was stuck with masking tape, and I looked to behold the lovely note that I received:



Miranda said...

I love your scanning skillz.
Also-we blogged at the same time, and we matched today, and we saw the same play with in 36 hours of each other. Sweet.

tearese said...

hmmm, I guess not the kind of note you were expecting?

Cardine said...

miranda - Yeah, and the sound was so interesting in the play. It mostly worked for me.

tearese - Nope. But, then it figured because I looked, and I had parked in front of a house where I know this crotchety old lady lives who apparently has nothing better to do than get mad about the parking situation on the street. She has yelled at her neighbors for parking in front of her house before. And, I was a foot into her driveway, and there was plenty of room for anyone to get in or out of it, which nobody did during the 45 minutes when I was at book club. But, it was sort of funny.

Cassie said...

My roommate got a similar note on her car the other day telling her to park a few feet from their driveway as they were having trouble backing out, but she was already a good two feet from their driveway entrance anyway so it was ridiculous.

cash said...

My next-door neighbors are hyper-vigilant about their driveway, too. When I moved in, other neighbors warned me that the driveway neighbors had the city put up special signs on either side of their driveway so everyone would know that we must park two feet away from the driveway. Also, if anyone even pulls into the driveway to turn around or drop someone off, one of the neighbors will come to the door to tell that person to get out of their driveway. I can't imagine the neighbors have lives of any kind. They must spend all their time watching the driveway!

Dana Cheryl said...

Where I'm from ya just don't go near a driveway unless there's a prearranged agreement of limited driveway access. lol.