Monday, September 22, 2008

The Goals I Met

Here are the other half of the goals that I made six years ago, only these are the ones that I accomplished. You'll see how I choose some really simple goals. Also, be thinking of some good easy goals that I can make in the future. Or just tell me some of yours. I might want to do it, too!

- Get to sleep by 10:30 on a weekend
- Drive a BMW
- Ride a motorcycle
- Play 9 holes of golf (non-business-related)
- Build a fire outside
- Burn a mix CD from my computer (he, this really dates the list)
- Make a website (here you are!)
- Pass an exam
- Read the Chronicles of Narnia
- Make a good scrapbook
- Make a craft and like it
- Learn how to play the harp or guitar
- Get my nails or toenails done
- Own a leather jacket, skirt, or pants
- Buy a DVD player (I have two now)
- Own a computer (typing on it right now)
- Purchase an automobile
- Go to the dollar store
- Go to every restaurant in town
- Go to a movie by myself
- Go horseback riding and not feel scared (horses scared me)
- Be on TV
- Be an extra in a movie
- Go to a water park
- Go snorkeling
- Go scuba diving
- Go to the Grand Canyon
- Go to Las Vegas for fun and come back the same day
- Go to Europe
- Go to South America
- See a Neil Simon Festival play

I also kicked off the list naming a star or having a star named after me.

So, thanks if you ever took part in any of these goals that were accomplished! I've had so much fun doing all of this stuff. Yay for goals! Must make more.

Also, I am unofficially going to try to blog everyday this week. Just to see if I can/do.


Cash said...

Cardine, I volunteer to go bowling with you so you can bowl over 150. We could get Avis to hook us up at Sue Rich. Or we could go to the lanes in your town. The county attorney announced at a conference that the best burgers in CC are at the bowling alley, so that's an added bonus.

KieraAnne said...

You were on tv and an extra in a movie? That's awesome! You're like totally famous! ;) I want to go to South America...good list! I think I may copy it. :)

Dana Cheryl said...

Awesome list!

Did you learn to play the harp, the guitar, or both? :)

tearese said...

Yes, elaborate on what Kiera asked about. And, you ate at every restaurant in town? Wow. Seriously, elaborate on all of these, please.

dub said...

Do you own a pair of stilettos? (I don't mean daggers. [Scary!] I'm referring to shoes with stiletto heels.) I think it's a worthy goal to own at least one pair of fabulous four-inch stilettos. If they are tall black boots with stiletto heels, well, that's even better.

Cardine said...

cash - I find that the burgers are just burgers at the CC bowling alley, unless you get a pastrami burger. Then, it's good. Yeah, we could totally do Sue Rich or maybe try to hit 150 during the priesthood session in a couple of weeks.

kiera - I was an extra in cash's movie. I played a high school student.

Also, our town got a new channel on TV, so they had this talk show, and I was the first guest on the show. I made too many faces and giggled too much. I prefer being on the radio.

dana - The bass guitar. Kinda. It counts.

tearese - I realized that I had eaten at most of them, so I wrote down all the ones I hadn't tried and went to them (I didn't count some places, like a hot dog stand). Once I accomplished it, I felt very little desire to keep it up. Check. Done. So, I haven't NOW been to every restaurant in town. There was a point when I had, though.

dub - No, I don't own a pair of stilettos. I can't say that I have the desire to own any. But, maybe someday I feel differently and then you'll see me walking down the strip in Las Vegas wearing stilettos, a shirtless front, and jeans with someone's hand in my back pocket. :) Okay, that won't happen.

Anonymous said...

Fun list! Thanks for sharing. I think you have great goals. I've been thinking of doing a post on my new years resolutions progress. I might just wait until the end of the year... or not...

I like your idea of posting every day this week, because I like to read your blog. :)

Miranda said...

I'm so pleased that I was a part of three of these. Maybe they weren't the first time you did them, but still.
I think the 'someones hand in your butt pocket on the strip' goal is still worthy. Keep it--for someone special.

tearese said...

did you record the talk show? What did they talk to you about?

warnser said...

The first half was funny. The second didn't disappoint either. I'm glad you shared this half with us. I think I've got a really good percentage on this list. Do you mind if I pirate your idea? (or rather if I take the idea and twist it like crazy, and then put it on my blog?)
Seriously that's a cool list

Cardine said...

sarah - Thanks! I hope I post today.

miranda - You totally were 2/3. Well, maybe 1/3. The toenails. And I had seen a Neil Simon Festival play just one week earlier, but I'd still totally count it.

tearese - I think someone recorded it. My friend did, I think. We talked about my job. Boring.

warnser - Arrrr, matey! Pirate away!