Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Okay, so I've never seen this musical on stage. My exposure to this musical has been through a DVD that I borrowed from someone. It was recorded from the balcony of the broadway performance with the original cast. Anyway, my coworker got me the CD for Christmas one year, so I like to listen to the music sometimes. Lately I've been listening to it, and a couple of things have really struck me.

1. It sounds like Stephen Schwartz wrote this musical in the 70s. The choral parts especially remind me of a variety show or something. I can practically visualize bell bottoms, butterfly collars, strangely choreographed numbers, and glitter when I listen to it. And then I want to go build you a rainbow.

2. I really do like some of the songs, though. And the story is intriguing and fun if you've never seen it. The following songs I like to listen to: What Is This Feeling?, Dancing Through Life, Popular, Defying Gravity, As Long As You're Mine, and No Good Deed.

3. Lately, I've been feeling like I can relate to the "No Good Deed" song. I totally feel like a failure in so many areas lately. And it's not that I'm not trying to be good. I try, but I fail so miserably. And it's frustrating when I let people down.

4. Maybe I want to go see it. Anyone want to go?


Emily said...

I don't know much about it, I haven't heard any of the music from it, but I have heard it is good and coming to Salt Lake in the spring. I would be willing to go. It is one I would like to see. And by the way, you are not a failure, you are amazing. Just remember that.

Jill - GlossyVeneer said...

I have wanted to see this ever since I heard they were turning the book into a musical. My mom just forwarded a message to me about the touring production being in SLC next spring, so we're planning to see it for her birthday.

I've been feeling like a failure a little lately too!

Dana Cheryl said...

I'd love to go. Count me in!

Oh my dear friend, I'm sorry to hear that you are facing the inevitable stuggle... We've all been there or will be there at some point in life. I think this particular challenge is meant to teach us humility. To help us recognize that our intention is what matters to the Lord. I'm slowly (very slowly) learning that lesson. I know that in my heart of hearts my desire is to please the Lord and that by having that desire I am indeed pleasing Him despite the clumsiness of my actions. May I say that as your friend you've never once let me down. I admire you so much for your desire to serve God and His children. None of us have unlimited time, resources, or angels descending from heaven to give us exact guidance. lol. You're doing much with what you've been given to work with in the here and now. Rock on!

Anonymous said...

Where and when is it playing? I am interested, but most likely will not want to pay for it. Sigh...

So, about feeling down on yourself... what is it these days?! Seriously, I feel like Satan is working harder on us, or something.

This is what I think: something good is coming. Satan doesn't want us to feel worthwhile or adequate, so we'll give up and lose faith and hope. Because he knows good things are coming for us, too.

warnser said...

Ok, so first I just have to say
"And then I want to go build you a rainbow."

This is one of the funniest things I've ever heard.

You got people interested really quickly.

It's true, there does seem to be a lot of that lately. It's like there's something in the water,
or maybe not in the water.

Hang in there. Or - insert favorite active verb here-

tearese said...

I've heard the Defy Gravity song, and am interested enough that I think I'd like the play. Too bad I don't live closer.

tearese said...

ps I've always been impressed by you, seriously, all the stuff you accomplished so early in life is amazing!

Indy said...

I have heard it is a very good play.

ShellBell said...

Yes. I actually really want to see it. I don't know much about it either which is why I want to go. Maybe I am a bit more adventurous lately, but I like the idea of going to a play that I don't know everything about already (this is usually the case for me, because i like wikipedia too much).

I am sorry you feel discouraged.

You aren't a failure.

Failure to me is not trying.

julie said...

I know the premise of the play and have heard several songs from it, but I'm not sure I really want to see it. At least, I wouldn't go out of my way to go see it. I wouldn't kick and scream NOT to see it. Does this make sense?

Maybe there is something in the water that is making so many of us feel down/blue/uninspired/lacking. I hope Sarah is right and that good things are on the way and Satan wants us to give up and lose hope.

If I remember correctly, there is something really good potentially coming in your future! So exciting!!! (And stressful, but only if you concentrate too much on the stressful part.)

Boy, I'm not really helpful am I??? :)

Love ya! Admire ya tons! Am so glad that you're around and that we're friends!!!!