Monday, April 13, 2009

Love/Hate Relationships

I am so confusing to myself sometimes. It's perplexing. I can totally enjoy something and yet, not really like it that much at the same time. For example:

Camping: It's so fun to go outside and set up a tent and sleep in a sleeping bag and go hiking and get so tired and hungry that you could eat an armpit sandwich and it would taste good. Yet, it totally stinks to sleep in a sleeping bag on the hard ground when it's freezing cold at night or have to use the restroom where it's really more of a hole in the ground with something to sit on, or in some cases, it really is a hole in the ground that you shoveled out yourself.

Going to the Movies: I love the movie theater experience with its large screens and loads of movie theater butter with a little popcorn and the gigantic-sized boxes of Reese's Pieces and sitting by good friends in this dark place and not having to think about anything except for what's going on in said movie. But, I really hate it when there are people who are loud behind me who yell or when they walk in and out of the room frequently or when people are getting out their phones to text or even carry on a conversation. Ugh. And also, I hate it when the movie stinks. Make better movies, movie people!

Mowing the Lawn: So, we have a riding lawn mower at our house now, and I kind of like to put on my grimy clothes with a sweaty hat and my grass-stained shoes and get on the lawn mower and pretend like I'm some kind of country girl riding the tractor around the farm and cutting the fields of grass. But at the same time, I don't like it when it's really hot outside and all I really want to do is shower or go to the beach or sit outside on the deck under the awning licking a popsicle and enjoying a lazy Saturday.

Road Trips: I love to go for drives and watch the landscape go by as I travel to whatever destination. It's so cool to see the changes of landscape that can happen in a matter of a few minutes. The world is amazing and beautiful. And I love it when I have good friends in the car with me and good conversations. Except, sometimes the sitting-in-the-car funk gets too great for my nose, and sometimes I really just want to get out and use my legs instead of sitting solitary in some chair all the time. And sometimes, I would really just rather spend more time at my destination than in the car.

There are more, but I'm done for now. What are some of your love/hates?


Jill - GlossyVeneer said...

Camping is a love/hate for me... but more something that has evolved from loving into hating. I enjoyed camping a lot when I was younger... but as I got older I decided that it is worth the money to get a hotel and not have to sleep on the ground or use outhouses/pit toilets.

Movies are the same thing as yours... I love the experience of the big screen and treats, but I hate the inconsiderate people, bad movie-making... and going through a casino to get to the theater.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm....armpit sandwich!


tearese said...

I agree about all of these. I always think I'd like camping,but really I hate sleeping on the ground and getting up in the night to go to the bathroom, and actually it can be a little boring.
I'll have to think of other examples.

Miranda said...

Swimming is a love/hate for me. I love the weightless feeling, the floating around, the splashing, the pool toys/boogie board, but I hate the putting on sunscreen in uncomfortable places to avoid an even more uncomfortable sunburn, the potential for the water having been used as a toilet/fish!, the showering after, oh...and the getting out of a wet bathing suit. (Shudder)

warnser said...

I like this post.
It was fun,
and yeah.

banana said...

Getting up at night with the baby.


Teaching at the end of the school year.

dub said...

Traveling to Europe or Asia. I love the overall experience, but I HATE the long flights and the layovers and the jetlag.

cash said...

High heels. I like being taller than normal and having more shapely legs, but many high heels tend to hurt my feet when I wear them long hours or for appreciable distances.

Cardine said...

Jill - I am glad that I don't have to do the casino thing to see a movie. How inconvenient!

Flaur - I thought you and Mack would like that. :) I was going to say vomit sandwich, but then I decided to go with something real.

Tearese - I also hate it if I have to use a flashlight to use the bathroom. So annoying.

Miranda - I hope that your hatred of swimming suits won't prevent you from going swimming this summer with me...

warnser - Thanks. :)

banana - YW sports coordinator?

dub - ditto

cash - Sometimes when you wear heels I have thought to myself, "I wish I could wear heels like that, but they just hurt my feet too much, and I can't stand to walk around in them for very long." You're a good faker.

Brandon said...

I agree about movies! There's nothing more escapist for me than going to a movie. However, hollywood seems to have decided that all we want are crappy movies. That and/or Americans have spoken with their pocketbooks and they only want stinkers. Either way, judging by how well Kate Hudson and Matthew McConouhgay do when they make the same "comedy" multiple times no matter how unfunny they are, few good movies are in our future.

PS - I know good movies are made, I just wish tehy were easier to find, since garbage gets most of hollywood's promotional $.

julie said...

I've mostly conquered the movie problem - I go on a Thursday night to a movie that has been out for a while. Ofttimes, I'm the only one in the place, so I don't have to worry about noisy, rude moviegoers interrupting my movie-going experience. Woohoo!

I couldn't think of any love/hate relationships right off the top of my head, but I'm sure I'll be able to come up with something. :)

ShellBell said...

I think dating in general. It is nice, but its also a pain.

ShellBell said...

I am talking about dating like first dates, the getting to know you stage, and not relationships.