Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Your Help, Please

So... I am going to move into a place and live alone for a while. I really hardly have any housewares, so I will probably gradually collect stuff over time. What I request from you, my readers, friends, family, stalkers, lurkers, anyone who is reading this, is a list of stuff. I would like you to provide lists of stuff in two categories: stuff you can't live without and stuff that you really don't need.

To help you out, let me provide for you a list of stuff that I either have or stuff that I am lucky enough to borrow for the time being:

- Bed
- Desk
- Bookcase
- Bedstand
- Plates/Bowls/Mugs
- Rubber scrapers/wooden spoons
- Dishtowels, washcloths
- A camping chair
- Basic Cleaning supplies (cleanser, sponges, etc)
- A vacuum
- Towels
- A sleeping bag
- Blankets
- A huge pillow
- Small TV/VCR/DVD
- Computer
- Microwave/dishwasher/fridge/washer and dryer

So, please, in your experience, tell me, what are some things you must have? Some stuff that you can live without?


Cash said...

I think you need a couch. My only living room seating for 2.5 years was a hydraulic chair. I sat on the floor a lot. I thought it was OK at first, but now I think it contributed to a lot of the back problems I have today. Maybe Horker P. Slappy would disagree with me on this. If you don't get/want a couch, get a divan or a recliner or a rocking chair or a LoveSac or a futon or a banana chair.

Also: You need more utensils. Forks, spoons, and knives of all kinds.

Mellissa said...

You seem to have the basics covered. Sometimes it's the little things we forget - like scissors, tape, paper, etc. Dumb little things like that sometimes get forgotten until we really need them! Good luck with your move. Remember, as long as you have chocolate, life should be good. :) Well, at least it is for me.

Dana Cheryl said...

That's pretty much all I ever need.:)

Cardine said...

Thanks, Cash. I was wondering if I could go without a couch for a bit.

And yeah, I need utensils.

Mellissa - I plan on going over to your house to borrow the little stuff if I need it (kidding) because I am moving by you.

Dana - Surely a fatastic cook like you would want pots and pans... Or maybe a mixer or blender of some sort or a toaster?

How about tables and chairs? Does anyone have an opinion on those?

dub said...

A table and chairs would be really nice. But if your kitchen has a breakfast bar, all you need is a couple of bar stools.

If your shower is not fully enclosed, you will definitely need a shower curtain. And a bath mat is nearly essential IMO.

Emily said...

What about a couple garbage cans? At least one for the kitchen & one for the bathroom tend to be essential. That's all I can think of so far.

Dana Cheryl said...

Although I now have a full stainless cookware set I went years with only one pot and one skillet. There are days (like when I am packing to move) that I wish that were still the case. Less is more until ya establish a base of operations... :)

B said...

Toaster Oven. A lot of food tastes better warmed up in an oven rather than a microwave and you can cook small things in it without heating up a whole oven (and your house which is a pain in the summer).

Also, though I've been forced to live without one my whole life, I don't want to live without a 108 inch plasma TV.

Cardine said...

Yeah, dub. I'm debating between getting a table or just barstools. I think I'd rather have a table, so I might go with that first.

And I forgot to put shower curtain and mat on the list, but I have one of those. Phew!

Thanks, Emily! A kitchen garbage can is now on my list. :)

Thanks, Dana... maybe I will just use one pot and one skillet. It could work.

B - Actually, I totally want a ginormous flat-screened TV, but... I might have to wait on that one. At least until I get a couch. And yeah, toaster ovens are nice, especially for mini-pizzas.

Thanks for the input, you guys!

julie said...

You seem to have the barest essentials down. I've always found that I discover what I need when I need it. For example, when I moved into my studio with very little counter space, I discovered I needed a kitchen rack that gave me extra surface area on which to prepare food, etc.

And really, a sofa will go a long way in making your house feel like a home. I'm just saying. That said, unless you're going to get one from DI, 'tis best to make sure you get one you'll like for a long time.

I'm so excited for you!

tearese said...

I got nothin'. I'm not good at these things...I lived off my roommates pots and pans and mop and broom etc. When we got married, we did buy a basic set of pans, but most of our other needs were met on our wedding registry.
We did figure out what to register for by listing each room in the house, and what we already had for those rooms (furniture, dishes, etc.) Then we registered for stuff we realized we still needed. Maybe you could try that approach?

banana said...

A stand for the TV/VCR/DVD player would be nice. It gets it off the carpet.

Do you need window coverings? Light bulbs?

Graves Family said...

I just wanted to let you know that I have decided to go private with my blog, so if you want an invite, please post your email address on my blog by Monday.

Wendy said...

When I moved out the first time, I went as simple as I could. I realized after that, that I went too simple. What I needed a lot were things to make the place like a home. Things like picture books of family, books that I loved, pictures for the walls, etc. You want it to feel like home, so that you can relax while you are home. Don't forget simple office supplies (envelopes, stapler, stamps, sticky notes, pens, etc)

rosann said...

OK - this may sound stupid - but toilet paper... every time I move I have some but it's always packed away and not easy to get at when you really need it! And I totally agree with couch! Happy home-owning!

Anonymous said...

I would like a good set of knives.

I like your huge pillow, and I wish I had a camping chair.

Do you have a loom? It takes up a lot of space, so I don't really recommend getting one... unless of course, you weave. Then, get one.

And a treadmill, if you enjoy walking when you're inside.

And I recommend a toothbrush. I mean, an extra toothbrush... with my name on it. :)