Thursday, May 14, 2009

Actors That I Generally Like

So, I already did that post where I talked about actors that are eye candy to me, actors I generally can't stand, actresses I generally can't stand, and actresses that I generally like, so now I am going to post the actors that I generally like. Here they are, in no particular order:

Alan Rickman is so versatile. He can totally play the villain, like Professor Snape, the Sheriff of Nottingham, or Hans Gruber. He can play a romantic, like Colonel Brandon, a straying husband (Love Actually), or a sarcastic comic. By Grabthar's hammer, he can do it all. And in each role, I enjoy how he portrays the character. Admit it; he's awesome.

Oh, Patrick Stewart. First, he has, pretty much, the best voice. I can listen to him talk all day. I know, I know... he hasn't been in a ton of stuff other than Star Trek or X-Men or whatever, but seriously, Patrick Stewart rules. I see him as a classical actor, an actor who can play on the stage. An actor who knoweth how to act. He just has a good ... screen presence. You know you want to love him. Make it so.

So, I guess Joaquin Phoenix isn't really going to act much anymore. I guess he has some demons that he needs to get out through music or whatever. Well, that's too bad. He was really good at acting. Seriously, his role in Gladiator as Commodus? Totally freaky. Amazingly evil. And he was so likeable in The Village and so talented in Walk the Line. least for the 15 minutes I saw of that movie. Too bad for us. Sing away, Joaquin. Sing away.

(Are you rolling your eyes yet at my terrible humor?)

Alan Arkin is kind of like the forgotten child of the movie industries. It's not that he hasn't been in stuff because believe me, he has. No, it's that you probably don't even realize how much he's been in. First, he was insanely creepy in Wait Until Dark. I still jump everytime he jumps in that movie. Then he has had a lot of bit parts in other movies that you may remember, such as The Rocketeer or So I Married an Axe Murderer. And recently he was hilarious in Little Miss Sunshine. So, pay attention to Alan Arkin, the forgotten child. I think he's great, and it's not because of his brains or personality.

I KNOW. How can this be? I most definitely would not consider Jack Black to be a great actor. But you know what? He's hilarious. I can't help it. I like him. Even when he runs around being basically disgusting throughout the whole time in films such as, well, every film he's been in, he is so funny. He makes fantastic facial expressions and plays the dumbest characters, and I guess it just hits my funny bone. (Location: elbow area) In conclusion: fat loser who smells like body odor = lots of laughs from me.

I guess that all of America likes Will Smith just like me. From what I've noticed, if he's in a movie and no matter how terrible it really is, somehow it's still enjoyable because of Will Smith. I present for my evidence Hancock and The Pursuit of Happyness. They weren't really that great. In fact, I can't even remember the plot of The Pursuit of Happyness. I remember it being feel good-y, but ... meh. Oh, but Will Smith was in it, so it was great! See what I mean? For a complete list of movies that would have bombed without Will, click here. And the great thing is that he will probably continue to be great. The fat lady has absolutely not sung for Will.

Edward Norton is another one of those guys who is so versatile. When I look at him, I really see someone who should be ... well, more like his character in Keeping the Faith. But no, he can play Bruce Banner! Seriously! He can play all of these super cool characters in movies where you actually fear his cunning crafts. You think he's going to be normal and boring, and then all of a sudden he shocks you with his cleverness. He is really an illusionist.

Michael Caine is one of those actors that never seems to age. But not in a creepy way (like Leonardo: ew, yuck). Michael Cain was in the first Italian Job. You know, the one BEFORE the remake? (spoiler: old one = boring) It was made in the '60s! And you know what? He doesn't look THAT different! It works for him. And so does playing roles of intelligent advisor-type men. If I had to pick someone for the role of sideshow advisor, I'd pick him almost everytime (except Lost still needs Richard). I just don't believe that he's a dirty rotten scoundrel.

I hope you enjoyed my choices for this post! Do you agree/disagree? Who are some actors that you like?


Jill - GlossyVeneer said...

As I was scrolling through and reading your list, I got really excited when I saw Edward Norton. Seriously... dude is amazing.

Mellissa said...

Funny how many of your choices are older men. Is this a pattern? For the most part, I agree with your choices of actors, and some I haven't seen in movies. I don't get out much apparently.

Cardine said...

Jill - I'm glad that you like him. Yeah, he can totally shock me with what he pulls out of his acting repertoire. And it's not just because of Fight Club, either. ...although it does help.

Mellissa - Yeah, I noticed that the average age of people on both my actor and actress list is higher on the ones that I like. It could have something to do with the fact that I'm right and the actors/actresses that I hate are weeded out by the time they get older. Or it could be that people just get better at acting with age. Or maybe all of the ones I can't stand end up stopping acting when they get older because they've already made a fortune. Well, whatever the reason, you're right, it appears to have a correlation of some sort.

dub said...

I had a roommate once who said that Jeremy Northam was "the thinking woman's pin-up guy." I agree. I think he is intelligent and versatile, kind of like how you described Alan Rickman. (But I confess I do like Alan Rickman more.)

Miranda said...

Sorry I had to delete my first comment b/c of a heinous spelling error: This is correct-er.
I have much more I could say about this, but let just say: Yes. I agree. Excellent choices. Actually, I must say I think Joaquin is still acting. I've heard rumours that this whole rapping thing is part of a mock-umentary he's making.
Also, I think that the young annoying actors are gone because their popularity it mostly placed on their looks, which will always fade.

julie said...

Great list! I like your "Like" lists much more than your "Dislike" lists, for some reason or another.

Anyhoo, I agree with all your inclusions, except Jack Black. I'm sorry, I'm not a fan. Not that I haven't liked certain parts he's been in...I'm just not much of a mega-goofy comedy fan. I do find him funny at times, though, even when I'm rolling my eyes.

Speaking of, I didn't roll my eyes at your humor - in fact, it made me smile. I liked your comments a lot. :)

KieraAnne said...

I don't really like Joaquin Phoenix..his hairlip kinda freaks me out. I know I'm so shallow, but what can I say...also I think his role in Gladiator ruined him for me, even though I did like him in the other two films you mentioned. I can't really picture Alan Arkin in anything so I can't say much about him. I guess Jack Black is funny, but he's not one of my top actors...I really like all of the other ones you mentioned though. :)

tearese said...

This was an excellent list; I couldn't agree more. You're right about Will Smith- he's so popular its like I don't WANT to like him, but you just can't help it. He seems like a cool guy.
Make it so...hahahahaha. I think I had a slight crush on Picard when I used to watch Next Generation regularly in High School- it was probably the accent.
And I love that guy from SO I Married An Axe Murderer. He reminds me of Brother Esplin in that show for some reason. I don't know if I've seen him in other stuff though.
Seriously...did you see Joaquin (when his name was Leaf) in Space Camp? Classic ;)
Alan Rickman- I always see Snape when I see him, but I LOVE Snape. If I went to Hogwarts, I would have a morbid fascination with Professor Snape.
Richard. I love Richard. his natural manscara is somehow so appealing. I know he's been in other stuff, but I only know him from Lost.
Jack Black- I too am suprised that I tend to like him in movies, because I generally am not amused by his type.

Cardine said...

Thanks, everyone, for your comments! I love reading them.