Monday, March 29, 2010

15 Signs That I Should Invite People Over More Often

1. I still have fruity life savers in my candy dish. I have had them for months.
2. Generally, I have no idea if my guest bathrooms are clean.
3. Last week when I was taking out the trash in my guest bathrooms, I checked, and there was no water left in the toilet bowls because they hadn't been flushed in so long.
4. My house smells like curry-flavored garbage now because I hadn't taken out the kitchen garbage since I made food on Saturday. There was hardly anything in the garbage bag.
5. I don't remember the last time I vacuumed.
6. I have a shower that has only been used once. Maybe twice.
7. I still have nothing hanging on my walls, and I wonder if I should ever put anything there.
8. I have started to think of my house as one big bedroom.
9. My social skills are waning.
10. I have a bed that has never been slept in. Since I got it, anyway. (It was previously-used.)
11. My couches haven't been sufficiently broken in.
12. I haven't met some of my neighbors since they've moved in.
13. I ate almost the whole bag of Easter candy I bought.
14. I wear sporty shorts around with no bra and a crappy t-shirt well before bedtime.
15. I am blogging at 11 p.m. because I'm a little bored.


Mellissa said...

I could bring my kids with me and I'm sure your Easter candy would very quickly disappear. Then again, you witnessed Riley's "spunkiness" on Sunday, so I'm sure you want to avoid us as often as possible. I swear we take out the garbage every day! And I don't wander around in pajamas and no bra at night, but all morning on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I hear you there!

Laurel said...

I bought my own bag of Easter candy so I could eat it all myself. There were others for the kids, but that one was (because it's gone now) MINE.
Hey, it's your space, you get to do what you want! (If that doesn't include a bra or a vacuum, so be it.)

Jill - GlossyVeneer said...

Much of that sounds like my life... except some days I am in sporty shorts, crappy t-shirt and braless the whole day because I work out of my home. (That's kind of a sad place to reach!)

Anonymous said...

Number 8 - that's exactly how I feel!

dub said...

Can I invite myself over to your house this weekend? I promise I'll use your guest bathrooms and sit on your couches and put things in your garbage cans. Maybe I'll even eat your old fruity life savers.

And I might make you wear a bra.

Cardine said...

Mellissa - I was going to compliment you on your handling of the spunkiness on Sunday. Seriously, I was impressed.

Laurel - Yeah, I confess that I was happy enough to eat the Easter candy by myself. My pants are mad at me, though, because I'm filling them out more.

Jill - Just remember (and blog about) all of the benefits of working at home. They might be hard to remember sometimes, but they are totally there!

Sarah - Yay! Someone who understands that one!

Dub - Yesssss... I am looking forward to it.

tearese said...

I know thats exactly what would've happened to me if I ever lived alone. I was considering it, but am forever greatful I saw the listing for the house of roommates I had in Seattle, or I wouldn't have met ANYONE.

Dana Cheryl said...

I wish I were there so that you could invite me over. I'd love to watch some of your favorite movies that I've somehow missed!

Wendy said...

Wish I lived down there to help you out of this problem. I certainly would help with the candy in the candy dish.