Thursday, May 06, 2010

I Had A Birthday; Shout Hooray!

Cash is always so great. I was out of the country on a trip, and since she is humorous and I like to let her blog for me, this is what she wrote in an e-mail to me for my birthday:


Great things happen at age 32.
When Harriet Tubman was 32, she helped rescue slaves through the Underground Railroad.
When Francisco Vasquez de Coronado was 32, he was on his exploration for El Dorado and he spent the winter in a village that later turned into Bernalillo, New Mexico.
When Meriweather Lewis was 32, he was on a groundbreaking expedition of the unknown western United States with William Clark and Sacagawea.
When Audrey Hepburn was 32, she starred in Breakfast at Tiffany's.
When Harper Lee was 32, she was in the process of writing To Kill a Mockingbird.
When Michael Jordan was 32, he came out of retirement to lead the Chicago Bulls to a record 72-win season (as well as the next three NBA titles).
When J.K. Rowling was 32, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was first published.
When Tina Fey was 32, she was Saturday Night Live's first female head writer.
When Alexander the Great was 32, he died ... after having conquered most of the "civilized" world.
When Thomas Edison was 32, he perfected his invention of the incandescent lamp (aka the light bulb).
The following celebrities are also 32: James Franco, tennis champion Tommy Haas, Ashton Kutcher (sorry), Olympic gold medalist (and BYU alumnus) Ryan Millar, Liv Tyler (he-he), Jon Heder, Brittany Murphy (or would be if she were still alive), and, my favorite, Creep Creepersin,
And finally, four out of 10 women feel most beautiful at age 32.


I'm feeling pretty good to be 32. Thanks for the fun e-mail, Cash.


Laurel said...

One year older and wiser, too.
What a great email.

Jill said...

That's a pretty cool list... Much better than the freak out moment I had earlier this year when people kept telling me about people who died at age 32!

dub said...

There's nothing quite like a list of overachievers to make one feel like an underachiever, eh? (You'd better get to work on doing something important like conquering most of the civilized world in case you die this year!)

Just kidding. It's an awesome list, Cash!

And Cardine, I hope that one of your accomplishments this year is getting your ankles back to a their normal size.

julie said...

I'm looking forward to hearing about how you celebrated your birthday this year!

I'm only going to be 32 for another week but it has hands-down been a fabulous year and I hope yours is just as great...or even better!!

Cash said...

Dub, Cardine is confident enough to feel inspired by these accomplishments instead of feeling like an underachiever. Of course, if she does feel ashamed, she should remember that Coronado probably killed a lot of Native Americans when he was 32 in his quest to find El Dorado, so at least Cardine hasn't done that!

Anonymous said...

Great list. You are also bound for greatness, Cardine!

(ohmygoodness... no joke, my word verification is "creper"... ha!)

Dana Cheryl said...

Hooray!! Great list! Hope your birthday trip was worthy of the greatness of 32!