Friday, May 21, 2010

List of Goals II

Well, it's been over a year and a half since I've updated my goal list. I don't actually feel compelled or pressured in any way to keep it updated on here, but I'm just doing this for myself so I can mark off some items that have been accomplished and add more stuff to the list. So, I hope you enjoy lurking into my life a little.

Goals Accomplished:

1. Read an entire Ensign - I have added this to my mental perpetual goal list for the conference edition and will try to do this every six months. I also want to be better at browsing the monthly editions.
2. Build a kite & fly it - It was a crappy 99 cent kite, but I do believe I am going to count it.
3. Become a "True T-bird" - What a relief. I'm so glad to get this one off the list.
4. Own a widescreen TV - I like it. It's nice to have.
5. Own a house - Well, I am in debt now, and it's a townhome, but I am still happy about my choice to buy it. It was the perfect timing for me.
6. Do endowments in another language (preferably Spanish) - This one was inadvertent. I arrived just in time for the session and then realized that most people were wearing headphones. It was a Spanish session. Good thing I understood it.
7. Take a hula class - I didn't take a hula class, but I did take a belly dancing class, and it was enjoyable. If they do it again this summer, I would like to do it again. I'm counting this as a successful goal accomplishment, and I'm keeping the hula class on my goal list, too.
8. Go to all 50 states - I went to Montana. I was there for approximately 15 minutes eating a huckleberry ice cream cone purchased there, so I'm counting it. Especially since I went for the purpose of marking it off my list. I still have 4 left, though.
9. Go to Africa - I went to Egypt, which, if you didn't know, is in Africa.
10. Go to Jerusalem - Enjoyable. I'll do a post (with photos) about this later!
11. Get up and walk the treadmill before work for a whole week - I think I got up and exercised before work when I would spontaneously wake up early after I got back from Europe in January. It didn't last, and I'm not sure it was actually for a whole week, so... partially counted. I'm going to keep this one on the list. Progress has been made, though.

So, 11 of my long-term goals have been somewhat accomplished. Yay for me! I also have done some things that weren't on my goal list but that maybe should have been, such as:

1. Ride in a hot air balloon - That was awesome.
2. Go through a band break-up - It's all part of the band experience.
3. Climb up the Western Wall in Jerusalem, hike Hezekiah's Tunnel, go in an Egyptian pyramid... well, there are lots on here that I will detail in my Israel/Egypt trip post.
4. Successfully make red curry, mango sticky rice, and the discovery of bacon-wrapped jalapenos. Also, making my own salsa for the first time. And even though it wasn't too spicy, it was actually tasty.
5. Go four-wheeling - It was enjoyable. I had fun with the guy I went with, too. He should get bonus points in heaven for that one, especially since we're pretty incompatible. Nice guy, though.
6. Try bacon-flavored cupcakes - Bacon in cupcakes actually works alright. The only problem is that I'm not really a maple fan.
7. Go to England/Belgium/The Netherlands/France - I didn't do the making out on the streets of Paris as was suggested in my last post, but I guess I could do that next time I'm there. Okay, so I'm not planning to go there again ever, but I could find myself in the area someday. Who knows? But I did do a lot of stuff on that trip that was awesome like eat Christmas pudding in the Crypt, survive the New Years metro in Paris, see Wicked, etc.
8. Buy awesome kitchen knives - This is one of those things where you don't realize what you were missing until you got them. I love my knives.
9. Make pretty curtains - I am proud of them because I didn't use a pattern, I made them in just a couple of hours, and I don't hate them. It's really an accomplishment for me to sew something that I don't really hate.
10. Cook a turkey - I should probably try to do this one a little better next time. At least I got a thermometer for my birthday, so now I will know the temperature of it!
11. Make food for myself for dinner for Jan - Apr so that I eat well during those months and don't just get lazy and eat junk/boxed stuff. I did a really good job with this one this year, and I would like to pat myself on the back for that one. I just need to keep it up now.
12. Watch a claymationy movie and enjoy it ... mostly - I watched "The Corpse Bride" with some friends and made it through relatively unscathed. I didn't have any nightmares about it, and was only tolerably bothered by the animation. This is success!
13. Get a pedicure - I actually really, really liked it. Note to self: do not turn into that lady from the Baltic cruise who got pedicures every week and seemed kind of shallow.

Now, to update my current list of someday goals:

1. Eat brains
2. Learn how to knit
3. Learn how to crochet
4. Learn how to weave
5. Be able to play all of the hymns well
6. Make the shot in pool where there's four balls that go in different pockets
7. Get above 150 points in bowling (I may have actually done this one; I can't remember)
8. Try on lace-up pants (preferably leather)
9. Go on a walk with my sweetie's hand in my back pocket & mine in theirs (yes, totally awkward...and I kind of can't see myself doing this...reconsidering...)
10. Make out at the 'C'
11. Eat by myself at a restaurant
12. Go to the birthday ball and dance
13. Go latin dancing
14. Go to an NBA game
15. Go to a Monday Night Football game
16. Go on The Price Is Right
17. Take a hula class
18. Go surfing
19. Go to all 50 states (I still lack Alaska, North Dakota, Hawaii, Rhode Island)
20. Go to Australia
21. Get up and exercise before work for a whole week
22. Go sky diving (still a lesser goal)
23. Go bungee jumping (still a lesser goal)
24. Go to a Red Sox game in Boston
25. Learn how to play all of the primary songs well
26. Figure out the Rubik's Cube
27. Read all of the Jane Austen canon
28. Write something cool - I'm going to have to figure out exactly what my goal is here, but I'm forming one, and I have a few ideas.
29. Get a manicure
30. Go to IKEA and eat some Swedish food there
31. Go on the entire length of the Canyon Trail in one trip
32. Ride in a helicopter for fun
33. Fly (steer) a plane
34. Go to Lagoon

I have other goals, but some of them are more short-term. And I know there are some that I've mentally made but haven't added to the list. This is good enough for now for my blog, though. Thanks for reading.


Mellissa said...

After reading your goal list on a Saturday afternoon, when I still haven't hopped in the shower, made me feel really, truly undermotivated. Go Cardine!

Anonymous said...

You became a true T-Bird?!!!!!!! I must find out all about this one when I come home this summer.


Dana Cheryl said...

I'm not for sure I know what a "true t-bird" is or how one becomes such... You'll have to enlighten this Kentucky girl.

What particular variety of brains do ya wanna eat? My mom fixs squirrel brains whenever the family has squirrel for breakfast. I have texture issues so I know that I wouldn't be able to eat them. However, I did eat cat once... So I can't say that I'm opposed to trying unusual dishes.

You've had so many interesting experiences. You're a lucky girl. Looking forward to see your future posts about Egypt/Israel.

Maybe you'll hit Australia this year... You've got lots of fun, inspiring, stories-in-the making goals. I think it's really interesting how many friends I have back in UT that wanna make out at particular locations. Gosh, I am so boring and maybe I should reevaluate since it's been a long time but I've never enjoyed the getting to "second base" process which is necessarily a part of making out. Maybe that's why I didn't go to the prom... It's all starting to come together for me now. This knowledge is dawning about a decade too late but oh well. lol!! Yep, boring, boring, boring... Of course, I was raised as a strict Southern Baptist. No drinking, no dancing, no going to second base or even first base... Hence no prom. :)

Bacon cupcakes... Very interesting.

p.s. the above deleted comment was me. my cat walked across the keyboard. i figured ya didn't want a bunch of gibberish mixed in with actual words... dang cat!

tearese said...

Sarah could teach you how to do the Rubix cube. I want to go in a hot air balloon too! Was that in Europe? I had to build a kite in a class, I got extra points because it was the only one that flew, but lost points because it was just a regular kite shape, and thats why it flew!
I don't want to ever eat brains. It somehow seems...pagan or something.
I do want to learn to knit and crochet. I went to Lagoon one time, with Sarah and other former roommates.
The end.

cash said...

Cardine, why have we not yet been on The Price is Right? I volunteer to go with you when you do it and make cheesy homemade shirts so we have a chance to make it on stage.

Cardine said...

Mellissa - Remember, my goal list is a someday list. Besides, I'm generally in awe at what moms somehow seem to accomplish. It's amazing.

Flaur - Sure, I'll tell you about it. It's not that exciting. When are you coming?

Dana - To become one you basically kiss someone at midnight on a full moon at Old Sorrel. And yeah, the making out at the "C" goal is more for someone who I'm at least dating. Not just anyone. Maybe.

Tearese - No, the hot air balloon was here. Some come in September every year! Also, remember, I don't want to eat human brains. Squirrel ones might be okay, though.

Cash - I keep checking out the schedule, but I guess I need to make it a priority. We really should go sometime. It would be so much fun!

Cardine said...

Also, I predict that if we go, you get called to "come on down."

Anonymous said...

Thank YOU for writing!

When I'm feeling motivated and ambitious again, I might take a few ideas from your list!

dub said...

Some comments on goal #11:

Once when I was in Salt Lake for a job interview, I went to Noodles & Co. for dinner by myself. I felt awkward and self-conscious. But this last Saturday when I went with a friend to a Nepali restaurant for dinner, we noticed several people there in booths by themselves reading books and savoring the meal. They didn't seem awkward in any way. So I would recommend taking a good book for that lonely restaurant meal so you don't feel too weird. (Take a Jane Austen!)

Dana Cheryl said...

I try to go out to eat by myself at least once a month. I'd do it every week but that's just not in my budget. I love it. I take a book and I order every course available and take my time. It's lovely. Of course, I am mindful of my waiter/waitress only getting paid $2 an hour so I tip well.

I like going to the movies alone too. Actually, I usually go by myself. Currently I'm 40 minutes from the closest movie theater but when I live in a town with one I go alone almost every week.

I really, really, really enjoy alone time. I can't function without it. When I'm with folks I'm all there being active, engaged, etc... However, I need to be alone as much as I need to interact with people.

When the time comes... I realize that being married especially with kids will be a real struggle for me.

Cardine said...

Dana - That's really cool that you go out to eat so frequently by yourself. I've done it enough at fast food places, but I don't think I have actually had a server when I've been by myself. Someday... :) Lately I haven't really felt like going out to eat anywhere. Summer always destroys my appetite for restaurant food.

Dub - I like Noodles & Co. Really, I do.

Anonymous said...




txflyboy said...

If you ever come back to Texas you are more than welcome to "fly" my plane. As a matter of fact I can talk you through take off, level flight and basic manuvers. The landing part takes some practice but I bet you'd have a good time.