Thursday, September 11, 2008

List of Goals

About 6 years ago, probably, I sat down and brainstormed a list of things that I wanted to do someday. It was a goal list of sorts. It had 64 items on it that I wanted to do in both the short term and long term. I will now, for your pleasure, embarrass myself by listing the stuff that I have not yet accomplished:

- Read an entire Ensign
- Eat brains
- Build a kite & fly it
- Learn how to knit
- Learn how to crochet
- Learn how to weave
- Be able to play all of the hymns well
- Make the shot in pool where there's four balls that go in different pockets
- Get above 150 points in bowling (I may have actually done this one; I can't remember)
- Try on lace-up pants (preferably leather)
- Go on a walk with my sweetie's hand in my back pocket & mine in theirs (yes, totally awkward)
- Make out at the 'C'
- Become a "True T-bird"
- Own a widescreen TV
- Own a house
- Do the Zion Challenge at Grandee's (it's possible that I participated in this; it seems familiar)
- Eat by myself at a restaurant
- Go to the birthday ball and dance
- Do endowments in another language (preferably Spanish)
- Go latin dancing
- Go to an NBA game
- Go to a Monday Night Football game
- Go on The Price Is Right
- Take a hula class
- Go surfing
- Go to all 50 states (I still lack Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, Hawaii, Rhode Island)
- Go to Africa
- Go to Jerusalem
- Go to Australia
- Get up and walk the treadmill before work for a whole week (a lofty goal I still haven't met)
- Go sky diving
-Go bunjee jumping

Those last two I feel less and less passionate about everyday. I think I need to add some more worthy goals and pick a couple to accomplish soon. I don't look at the list very often, but every time I do, I get to cross some more stuff off! Somehow writing them down has helped me to stay interested in accomplishing these goals. But seriously. I need more good ones.


Jill - GlossyVeneer said...

I've been trying to create a short list of goals to do before my 31st birthday. Much shorter than the "Before 30" list, but I'm struggling. Maybe I have no more goals!

Maybe some of my goals should be more simple, like some of your items. Like "Make out at the 'C'". That could be accomplished... :-)

Lisa Lou said...

You have inspired me to make my own list and post it! :) Then maybe someone else will check up on me instead of me doing it all myself. Good Luck with you goals, homecoming week is next week and thus true t-bird night! ;)

julie said...

Fun list! You're a lot closer to visiting all 50 states than I am, though I did add two to my list last week - hooray! I especially enjoyed "eat brains", "try on lace-up pants", and "walking on a treadmill...". I'm all for going to a Monday Night Football game with you - just let me save up a little money. :)

Cash said...

How about this: Write a song for your band.

Dana Cheryl said...

Yay! I have a list of goals too. I'm glad that I'm not alone in this pastime.

Here's a few of mine:

Sleep in a snow cave

Live in another country

Make out on the streets of Paris like everyone else over there. :)

Visit all seven continents.

Goals are great. I'm glad that you've accomplished so many of yours.

warnser said...


No brains for me ick.
you have some... um odd goals.
And some good ones,
and oddly enough I have done some of these.

Still I do think it's fun.
And I think I have at least a few in common there.

Also I think Dana's Goals are hilarious Ü

Miranda said...

Brains, Australia, and Sky diving are all over-rated.

that's all.

dub said...

I've had the goal-bug lately too. Yesterday in my department meeting I spent the last hour planning ways to bribe myself to accomplish one of my goals that I would like to make a habit. I'll let you know if the bribe approach works.

If you are ever in SLC for a Saturday night, I'll take you to Studio 600 so that you can cross off your "latin dancing" goal.

Dana Cheryl said...

thanks warnser. i try to keep myself amused. goals are a good way to ensure that i don't get bored. lol!

Go get those goals!

All I need is snow, a cowboy & ticket to paris, & trips to Asia, South America, Australia, Antarctica, and Africa... This may take me a while. :)

tearese said...

Those are great! Hey, I did the build a kite one in a design class. Crocheting (or knitting) would be cool to learn, especially because clothing of those types are super expensive.
My problem is not making goals in the first place, or setting goals I don't really want to do, but feel I should.

Cardine said...

jill - Totally. You should put some easy ones on there. Like, do a cupcake-related one or something.

lisa lou - If only I had a guy willing.

julie - Seriously. I think YOU are the person that I will have to go with.

cash - good idea. I already started.

dana - Oooooh, I like the Paris one. It's not just "visit Paris," but it's specific.

warnser - Thanks

Miranda - No heckling my goals. They are cool. Save some money. Go.

dub - It's a plan. I totally want to latin dance.

tearese - don't ever set the "should" goals. Do ones that you want to do! And then update when the shoulds become ones that you want to do.

compulsive writer said...

Eat brains? Really? Wow! Best wishes on your list--that's awesome (well, except for the brains part).

Framed said...

I haven't visited your blog for so long, I had to do a lot of reading to catch up. Love the "scans", especiallay the two Old Maids.

These are some pretty lofty goals. My question: Why do you want to eat brains?

Cardine said...

To make it clear, I am NOT talking about human brains. Ew! But, they are on the goal list because they are something that some cultures eat that is pretty much not something that my culture eats, so ... yeah. Brains. I am not actively seeking to accomplish this goal. Just if I get the chance...