Sunday, October 24, 2010

Of Cookies and Friends

I made some cookies tonight. I knew I wanted to use the peanut butter chips that had been calling to me from my pantry, so I pulled them out and put them in the dough. After having made a few regular peanut butter chip cookies, I repented, and I added the cocoa to make them chocolate peanut butter chip cookies. After all, the combination of peanut butter and chocolate was divinely inspired, and we should not take the gift of that combination for granted.

The cookies hit the spot.

So... how do you think people in the 1800s kept their brown sugar from hardening into a stiff brick? I have always wondered and never been motivated enough to find out. Anyway, I do what my dad taught me to do. I store my brown sugar in a container. I make kind of this foil disc with ridges that goes on top of the brown sugar. Then I put a slightly damp paper towel on the foil disc. If the water touches the brown sugar, it's all over because it hardens into a rock. Anyway, it keeps the brown sugar soft for longer. I hadn't dampened my paper towel in a while, so it was a little on the hard side. I also ran out of brown sugar, so I had to open a rock hard new package. I solved that one by putting a small piece in the microwave. I hate doing that. It's so easy to overheat it that way.

Dear Pampered Chef or Bed Bath and Beyond or whoever: you should make and sell a container that is ideal for the storing of brown sugar with a slightly damp paper towel. I make the ideas; you carry them out. Thanks. Oh wait. Does this exist? Sometime I should be not lazy and Google these things. Today is not that day.


So I was thinking about family and friendship today. I have a great family. (Happy birthday, Cash!) I also feel like I've had the opportunity to meet and be friends with so many people. It's incredible how different we all are, yet how the same we all are. I was also thinking about how we generally all get out of our relationships similar to what we put into them. I am really grateful for my friends who aren't easily offended and who try to be positive and understanding about others. I think that those are the friends who make the most positive impact on my life and likely other people's lives. So yeah, kind of cheesy, but there you have it. Yay for awesome family, and yay for awesome friends!

p.s. Banana, I noticed that this post has a time stamp of 11:44 exactly. This was unplanned and unintentional. :)


Ruth said...

Yummy cookies!

Mellissa said...

I've never made cookies with peanut butter chips. It's hard NOT to put chocolate in it. ;)

They do make these disc you can put in your brown sugar container. I received one as a gift once, but I don't know where it's gone, and our brown sugar stays soft as long as we keep it in a container. The discs are almost like terra cotta, so I think they absorb the moisture similarly.

julie said...

I'm glad we're friends!

My mom put a slice of bread (usually the heel) into our container of brown sugar and that would do well for awhile. She'd put a new slice in when the sugar started to harden again.

Anonymous said...

Cookies and friends go well together.

I just seal up my brown sugar in a zip-lock really well (w/o air) and it stays for a long time.

So, I'm really offended that you are grateful for friends who aren't easily offended.... oh, wait...

Cardine said...

Um, so... I mean, the brown sugar has to stay soft for like a year because that's how long it takes me to get through a whole bag. Does that make a difference? That particular batch of brown sugar was purchased in December. I don't use much brown sugar, I guess.

Dana Cheryl said...

I've never heard it put more aptly (or written either)when you say/write peanut butter & chocolate is a divinely inspired combination. I really want a cookie now!

I keep brown sugar soft by immediately putting it into a canning jar when I get home from the store. It doesn't hurt to put in a few marshmellows too. That works for me.

banana said...

Classic comment about friends.

Some things in this universe are just the way they are -- you and I will always notice that time.

I don't use brown sugar, so I don't have any idea about keeping it soft. I remember it always being rock solid when I made cookies as a teenager, so don't ask Mom or Dad for suggestions. :)

tearese said...

we buy our brown sugar in a resealable bag; it doesn't seem to have a problem. I've heard of those disks too, everyone says it works.
Yay friends!

warnser said...

This is a great post.
Oh, and cookies... mmmmm.
I bet in the the good ole' days they just used a mortar and pestle when things got too hard. Let it get hard then break it all to bits.
Maybe a pick axe too. Ü