Monday, October 04, 2010

Weird Stuff on TPIR #3

I probably shouldn't be too critical about this prize, seeing as how the salt and pepper shakers I use are those 99 cent ones that are super-generic, but really, if you're going to get salt and pepper shakers, are you going to buy some that are shaped like rockets and are $48?

I really love "The Price Is Right." Really.


julie said...

No, I wouldn't buy those, not even for $0.99. I think they're ugly, but that's just me. If I won them on TPIR, I'd try to sell them on EBay, or take them to a white elephant party.

I still haven't discovered my "perfect" salt and pepper shakers. Ideally, I'd like two pairs, one pair for every day use and a fancier pair for nice occasions - even if that is just Sunday dinner.

Dana Cheryl said...

OK, I'm with Julie on this... Those are the perfect "white elephant" gift.

I've given up on salt shakers. It's too humid here and the salt gets all sticky as does the pepper. I'm a grinder girl now and I'm oh so fancy. I found a bottle of the mixed color peppercorns for 50¢ and I put it on everything now. Not sure how long this pepper phase will last. Hopefully longer than the crushed kelp phase which would have ended much sooner had I known that I could just take a pill and get all the iodine I need.

Anonymous said...

I think if I married a rocket scientist I would buy them. (Well, I would make him buy them, since I would still probably be a starving artist - ha!)

Other than that - I would like two sets of shakers, too... one set near my stove and other spices and one set near the table.

Cash said...

Tino says they look like they were made for a pinewood derby.

warnser said...

$48 for salt and pepper shakers?
maybe twenty if I really really wanted them, or they were crystal or something fancy, but um, no.