Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Some Photos for You

I am dumb when it comes to taking photos. There are a lot of things that I've never even really thought about before that apparently matter when you take a photo. Well, I think it's kind of sad that I go on adventures to far off lands and just take whatever photos happen when I click the button. So, that bothers me a little. I mean, I still have my nice little point and shoot camera, but I want to know the art of photography because there are options on my camera and boxes and all kinds of things, and I don't know what they do.

So, I decided to take a class. I found out about a little workshop-type class that is only once a week for three weeks for a very reasonable price, and I decided to take it. We had our first class last week and got assignments to take some photos using different depths of field (it deals with how much is in focus in the photo), which is a photography term I kind of learned. We were supposed to take three photos with a smaller depth of field and three photos with a larger depth of field. I'm not sure I did it correctly, but here are the photos I took. If you know anything about photography, tell me how I did, please. Keep in mind, my camera is a Sony Cybershot, and it's not one of those multi-lens cameras where you have aperture and all kinds of awesome options.

The three with smaller depths of field:

I took this one during class last week. The teacher said I could use it if I wanted for the assignment. He told me I needed to get a better camera (he kept saying things like "This is a crappy camera!" or "You should buy a new camera, even a used one." or "How does this not have a manual mode? How much did you pay for this?"), but I think "whatever, dude" since I'm paying for the class, and it's only three weeks, anyway. I'm not trying to be a professional or anything. Just trying to learn something.

I made these cupcakes. Dub, you may be interested to know that these were the ones I told you about on Sunday that I took to my church activity. I saved these to eat myself.

This is at the war memorial. I had to take it at a weird angle to get this shot, and it was hard because my camera and hand kept creating a shadow on the flower. Eventually it worked okay.

These next three are for larger depths of field. Did I do them correctly? There's no real blur, right? It's mostly in focus?

The sun was starting to set, and I had a hard time trying to figure out how to get the lighting correct. I also cheated and cropped this one. Don't tell. Actually, is that even cheating? I mean, digital cameras are kind of a cheat, anyway, in my opinion.

Can you tell where I was standing when I took this?

I really liked the handicap sign in this one. Not sure why. Maybe because I associate both the church and the handicap sign with old people. Save the clock tower!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my photography assignment!


Anonymous said...

Those look great! Do you have the camera that you had when we went to NYC? I remember that our cameras were similar. Well, I didn't have one at that point, but I got mine shortly after. And it totally died when I was in Taiwan. So sad.

And, yes, I know where you are standing. Cool photo. They all are cool. I like that they are showing some historical spots around the town!

Anonymous said...

So, just a random thing. The Vietnam memorial reminds me of this little old couple that lives across the parking lot. They are so cute. At least once a day (sometimes more!) they play badmitton (without the net) in the parking lot in front of their place. And today they were riding around on a little kid bike... all wobbly-like. I try to talk to them, but I really don't think they know very much English. When I first met them I could understand Vietnam and their names: Hi and Pong.

So... is it badmitton or badminton?

Cardine said...

Sarah - I always thought it was badminton. It's not the same Cybershot. I got a new one, and in some ways, it is worse than the one I got in '01. But, in some significant ways it's better. I still have the old one, and it works just fine!

dub said...

Nice photos! And yes, I can see why the cupcakes all got eaten quickly.

I too have taken a little photography class to try to learn some basics. I don't think there's anything wrong with sticking with your simple camera, in spite of what your teacher says. You can do a lot with a basic digital camera nowadays.

banana said...

Were you on top of the parking garage?

tearese said...

I think most point and shoot cameras are set to take the latter pictures in your post, and its very difficult to get a smaller depth of field photo...so good job getting the first ones! My camera is a nicer point and shoot, but it still doesn't have a 'real' manual mode, where I can adjust the lens by hand, and it frustrates me a lot of the time. I always am trying to get a short depth of field shot, but its even difficult on my camera. But I still don't want to pay for an SLR, or lug around different lenses and stuff, so I don't do anything about it. Plus I have no money.
They look good to me! Especially the flowers at the memorial.

tearese said...

ps that's the church where I went all growing up.

Cardine said...

Thanks, guys! And yes, it was on the parking garage. Tearese, your comments make me so happy because I feel like the lugging around of the equipment and the cost of more awesome cameras are also what deter me from them. It's nice to have the options, though, so I understand why other people get them. I feel like it would hinder my activities. I like to be able to put my camera in my pocket.