Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Water Photos

Last week at my photography class we talked about taking photos with action and how to catch it so it's still or how to make the action in the photos blurry. My camera isn't great at this particular option, so my photos aren't the greatest in the world, but here are some photos I took for this assignment. I took all water photos.

These are the photos I took that have some clear parts in them. I found that it was hard to have the entire photo clear, even though I was attempting to make it clear. I didn't edit or crop any of them. They are in the raw form.

This one was taken at the university at the end of our class last week.

The rest of the photos I took on a hike up a creek in a nearby canyon. I like that you can see little drips in this one.

This one is so cool how the water is bubbling.

The next three are blurry. It was much easier to take the blurry shots, especially because the sun doesn't shine too much in the slot canyon.

The white blurry sparklies are cool in this one.

I climbed up this waterfall, but we didn't go much farther because we were on a schedule. I didn't really enjoy the white spots in this photo. I didn't notice them until after I had chosen this one. Whoops. Oh well, it's still cool.

I hope you liked the photos!


Anonymous said...

I do like them!

And I like you, too. :)

julie said...

I really love your photos! I think you caught the beauty of the water perfectly. I had no idea you were taking a photography class - that's so awesome!

dub said...

I really like your last photo. That one is frame-worthy.

I love that you can just go on a hike "up a nearby canyon" and find such gorgeousness. You are lucky to live where you do!

tearese said...

It's hard to take photos of moving water, I haven't had a lot of experience with it. I always get frustrated how the sun reflects and makes it all look white...I guess you have to have a polarity filter on your camera or something to avoid that. They look good to me!