Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Know What I Did Last Summer

I tried to get a bunch of hiking in this summer. I wanted to get as much exercise in as I could while seeing the beauty around me. Here are some of the places I went:

I traveled up a slot canyon until I got to:

...waterfalls. I climbed up the waterfalls and went from there to some more.

I took the photography class and went to see a canyon:

My camera didn't like the angle of the sun, so it was hard to get a good shot in the direction of the sun:

So then I hiked up another creek in a canyon to see some amazing sites:

Simply amazing when you think about how that was formed. And we hiked up a branch of the creek to a waterfall:

...because really, it's all about the waterfalls.

I also went to a land of canyons with an island in the sky. It has some amazing sites of canyons. It really is humongous.

And then I went next door to see some cowboy pants. That's what I see, anyway. How about you? What do you see?

In reality, I thought this hike was really pretty hard. Sure, I was in the midst of an allergic reaction (to Neosporin!), but that is no excuse for how poorly I felt as I was hiking this trail. All that hiking this summer, and it really didn't help much at all when it came to high grade hiking.

I went on more hikes than this, but I unfortunately didn't have my camera with me for those adventures. I did have my ipod on one of them, though, so I snagged this photo:

It's amazing how great the ipod camera isn't compared to an actual camera. Still, though, I'm glad I was able to snap a photo, even if it isn't the greatest quality. I decided that November would be the best time to do the above hike, but I really enjoyed the caving aspects of this hike.

So, that's what I did this summer. I want to continue to see the sites and take some hikes. How about you? Did you see any sites, go on any hikes, or discover any new allergies?


Anonymous said...

Me, too (want to continue to see the sites and take some hikes).

I didn't discover any new allergies, thank goodness, and I'm sorry you did. I hope you've been healing well.

I wish I knew where all those places were that you went. You did a great job photographing them! Beautiful pics! And the iPod one really isn't that bad - it's good actually.

I'm glad I got to see you on one of your hiking adventures.

Cardine said...

If you click on the photos and go through the bigger versions of the photos, the ipod one is clearly of lesser quality, but yeah, it doesn't look so bad at that size.

Kanarra Falls, Cedar Breaks, up Coal Creek, Canyonlands, Arches, and Snow Canyon. I thought I had gotten a photo or two of Taylor Creek, but I couldn't find them when I went to do this blog entry.

I have almost completely healed so that it's not obvious that I had the allergic reaction, but I can still tell when I look and touch it. Getting closer...

FYI If you think to yourself that it would be a great hike to see the Petroglyphs park in Albuquerque, don't hold your breath. It is really underwhelming, especially taking into consideration what you can see all over the place here.

tearese said...

that hike to Delicate Arch is the one we did with the two kids and I was pregnant with Jonah. I still can't believe we did that either, because it really is a hard hike.
I would go on more hikes if others who lived here were more interested in it...also, if there were actually more places to hike.

Cardine said...

Sarah and I talked about you while we were hiking the arch and how you went on that hike with your kids. I am completely amazed you did it! You are hard core.

Yeah, one of the reasons I've been trying to get the hiking in is that I feel so blessed to even be able to go on these hikes so close by. I've been trying to take advantage of my proximity to them. Who knows what the future holds, and I don't want to not go someplace while I'm living so close to it!

Anonymous said...

Yes, whew! Tearese! That was amazing. I would have been having a heart attack every two seconds thinking my children were going to jump off the cliff. Well done!

Cardine, I really like the photo of the rocks up Coal Creek. Very interesting shapes.... So cool!

tearese said...

Joseph WAS having a heart attack every two seconds, thinking they'd fall off a cliff! If he wasn't there to grab them, I would've been more worried!

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OH my! that was absolutely a wonderful place.