Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cardine's List of 100 Foods

I saw a list going around that was about 100 foods you should try before you die or something of that nature. I consider myself to be relatively well-versed in the food arena, so I checked it out. Well, there were a lot of beverages that I'm never going to try, since I don't drink alcohol or coffee, so instead I decided to create my own list, specialized to me. (Since this is my blog, I figure it can totally be all about me.) It contains some foods from the list I saw, but mostly they are foods that I either want to try or have tried and for some reason or another think YOU should try it, too. I now give you Cardine's List of 100 Foods to try before you die.

1. A veggie burger with bacon or just a BLT (Come to think of it, I could probably do a list of 100 ways to eat a hamburger.)
2. Baked Alaska
3. Escargot
4. Lobster, especially the tail
5. Crab legs, dipped in drawn butter
6. Raw fish
7. Sushi hand roll
8. Yakiniku
9. Kimchi
10. Dumplings - as many kinds as you can, such as gyoza, buuz, pelmeni, chicken and dumplings, wontons, empanadas (because they are all awesome)
11. A corn dog. Seriously.
12. Ironport
13. Lychee fruit
14. Fried pickles
15. Hush puppies
16. Polenta
17. Spaghetti with meatballs
18. Eggs Benedict
19. Lox and bagels
20. Lamb coconut korma with naan
21. Thai curry (You should try as many different kinds of these as you can because they are delicious.)
22. Funnel cake (Just once, though. Not that great.)
23. Eclairs
24. Creme brulee
25. Chicken fried steak or chicken fried chicken
26. Mincemeat pie
27. Pumpkin pie
28. Figgy pudding/Christmas pudding
29. Stollen/fruitcake
30. Caviar
31. Oysters on the half shell
32. Pickled pigs feet
33. Homemade ice cream
34. Gelato
35. Jell-O
36. Real Belgian Truffles
37. Bougatsa or tyropita
38. Baklava
39. Borscht
40. Cheese fondue
41. Guinea pig
42. Fresh Mexican churros (seriously, fresh from the cart or shack, fresh from the fryer - it makes a difference)
43. Ceviche (mystery fish is the best)
44. Eel
45. Frog legs
46. Gumbo
47. Goat cheese
48. Cactus fruit
49. Spaetzle
50. Peking duck
51. Grits or Ugali
52. Calamari
53. Gyros
54. Mussels
55. Okra (even though it's yucky)
56. Po-boys
57. Shrimp cocktail
58. Souvlaki
59. Trifle
60. Falafal
61. Couscous
62. Hummus
63. Schnitzel
64. Chile relleno
65. Shawarma
66. Barbecued ribs
67. Belgian Waffles
68. Frites with Andalouse sauce
69. Swedish pancakes/crepes
70. Clam chowder
71. Dulce de leche
72. Catfish
73. Fried green tomatoes
74. Platanos
75. Gazpacho
76. Pig that has been roasted in the ground
77. Squash soup
78. Kabobs
79. Menudo
80. Posole
81. Pumpkin seeds
82. Squid on a stick
83. Rueben sandwich
84. Corned beef and cabbage
85. Cheesecake
86. A traditional pasty
87. Fish 'n' chips
88. Scones, a.k.a. Navajo fry bread
89. Yorkshire pudding
90. Crawfish
91. Flan
92. A hobo dinner
92. Dutch oven potatoes (with onions and bacon, and I'm talking about cast iron dutch oven cooked in the ground or with charcoal on top)
93. Buffalo wings
94. Meatloaf
95. Bratwurst
96. Alligator or crocodile
97. GuaranĂ¡/Jarritos/Inca Kola
98. Alpaca
99. Tamales
100. Cow tongue

I know I missed some stuff. Ah well. Tell me what you think I'm missing!


dub said...

Steamed artichokes! Remember how we always thought it was such a special treat when we had them for dinner? I think the "traditional" way to eat them is with lemon butter, but we always just ate ours with mayo or Miracle Whip. The heart is better than candy!

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic list! I will definitely be trying some of the thing you listed. How fun!

Also, I think you should indicate which you have tried already or which you have not (which ever is easier for you to indicate).

Anonymous said...

Oh, and guinea pig kinda makes me sad. Where does one go to order guinea pig?

banana said...

This morning, I was just thinking about your veggie burger with bacon experiences from 5(?) years ago. We must be on the same wave-length. Or did you mention it last night?

You also missed coconut white chocolate, harvarti cheese, and Dad's breakfast.

Cash said...

Mom's classic "salad" consisting of an iceberg lettuce leaf with half a canned pear on top. Fill in the hole of the pear with mayo and sprinkle small shreds of cheddar cheese over all.

Who ever came up with this recipe??

Cardine said...

Dub - I totally thought of that because every person should have artichokes. In reality, 100 foods was not enough.

Sarah - I had guinea pig in Peru. It's something they eat there!

I have never had:
2. Baked Alaska
63. Schnitzel (Crazy that I've never had it! I've had similar stuff, though.)
82. Squid on a stick
96. Alligator or crocodile

Banana - Those are all excellent things to try; although, not many people could put Dad's breakfast on their list!

Cash - That is also a great choice! I think Mom got it from some recipe book or something. Next time you're at my house, we should have that. :)

tearese said...

wow there's a lot of food on there that I've never tried. Although lamb coconut corma with naan (and lasi) is one of my favorite meals of all time. Sarah brought me some when she visited :)