Monday, March 25, 2013


I like sandwiches. I could probably have a sandwich nearly everyday and be perfectly happy. I can have so many different kinds of sandwiches prepared in so many different ways that it's like eating a different thing. I can have the same thing everyday, yet it is different everyday. This is why I like sandwiches. That being said, I've noticed that at various sandwich restaurants, I tend to order one sandwich more than the others. It's like I have a favorite sandwich at the various sandwich places.

Since I am all about lists on here, this is my list of sandwiches that I tend to order:


Spicy Italian

One time I ordered the Italian BMT, but I told them that I didn't want the ham. They were like, so you want the Spicy Italian? It was brilliant, and I felt stupid. I usually get this on wheat with no cheese, but I do get lettuce, tomatoes, extra tomatoes, pickles, olives, and I switch up the sauces. Sometimes it's mayo and mustard, sometimes it's honey mustard, and sometimes I get another one that I can't remember right now. It's kind of sweet.


West Side Story

I don't typically like ranch stuff, but this sandwich blends so nicely. I think it's the green chili that gets me on it. I think I prefer this hot, but I haven't had it in a while, so I'm not positive. Does anyone want to go here with me soon? Also, sometimes they don't make the sandwich very carefully. I've been to Gandolfo's before when I felt like all the meat was in one spot and they didn't divvy out the fillings very evenly at all. I think that each bite should be a delicious blend of ingredients. If you work at a sandwich place, remember this.

Jimmy John's


I get this with Dijon mustard. I used to really like the vegetarian, but without the sprouts, the vegetarian is just not the same. I really think that they need to bring back the sprouts here. It makes a world of difference. I also get the Big John somewhat regularly here.


Veggie Guacamole

I get this on wheat with most of the vegetables. I like it toasted. I am stuck in a rut at this restaurant with this sandwich. I don't think I would order anything else ever again because I like it so well. Maybe I would if I'm feeling carnivorous. Sometimes I feel exceedingly carnivorous.

Some additional stats about my preferences with sandwiches:
- I like creamy peanut butter, and I like about an even amount of peanut butter with my jelly.
- I like things in my grilled cheese sandwiches. I like onions or tomatoes in there. Basically, I like it if it's not just cheese.
- To me, a hamburger is really just a sandwich with a hamburger patty in it, but I will do a post about hamburgers another time.
- Quesadillas are basically a grilled cheese sandwich, only with a tortilla.
- Yes, I have eaten a peanut butter and jelly quesadilla before. There was no queso. It was just on a tortilla.
- One time someone swore to me that peanut butter and ketchup sandwiches were good. They lied.
- Tuna fish sandwiches are good, but I like it with other stuff on it, like tomatoes or pickles.
- There's this place in my town that makes this turkey sandwich with brie cheese and cranberry chutney on it, and it's divine. It is so good. It makes my mouth water to think about it.
- Cold cut meats aren't my preference on sandwiches. If the sandwich can be made with actual chunks of the meat, it is so much more preferable. I have an especially hard time with non-real ham.
- I like egg salad sandwiches and fried egg sandwiches. Don't be surprised.
- There's this other place in my town that makes a spicy chicken sandwich. I don't like their bread very much, so I just eat the insides. It's a little embarrassing to me that I pick out the insides, but it's what I like, so I just go with it.
- A lot of times I feel like the more stuff on the sandwich, the better. I like lower quantities of meat and cheese and a higher quantity of vegetables and fruits. I'm counting tomatoes as fruits here. I love tomatoes on sandwiches.
- I am now craving a sandwich.


julie said...

I enjoy sandwiches, too, but am the opposite of you - I prefer more of the main ingredients and less of the veggies/accoutrements. I like tuna and grilled cheeses plain, with nothing else on them...most of the time. It is pretty fun to experiment with the grilled cheese - I love avacados on a grilled cheese! Tuna is by itself always, though. And, I prefer crunchy peanut butter. I agree with you that real meat is better than pre-sliced deli meat, but every so often I don't mind one. Although, now that I'm pregnant, I can't eat cold deli meats and I definitely don't like them warmed up.

My all-time favorite sandwich is homemade white bread, mayo/Miracle Whip (I like both), with slices of white meat turkey (the real deal, not deli meat). Mmmm. A close second would be a homemade roast beef sandwich with mustard and mayo. Mmmm. No veggies, just meat, bread, and sauce. Mmmm.

Great, now I'm craving sandwiches, too! :)

Sarah P said...

Nice post! I will have to try a pb & j tortilla sandwich sometime. Did you warm it? In your waffle iron? ;) Sounds good.

My bro-in-law gave Aaron & me some already-filled-up punch cards to Blimpie. We've been there once already, and got really yummy sandwiches - I have no memory of what was on them, though!

Cash said...

So, no cold cut ham for Cardine? Does it bring back too many childhood memories of eternal ham?

Cardine said...

Julie - Yeah, I totally know I'm in the minority. Usually at sandwich places, people are all about having more meat and cheese. I typically think there's not enough lettuce, tomatoes, etc., and I usually think there is too much bread.

Sarah - I didn't warm the pb & j tortilla. It was the result of not having been to the store in a while and trying to eat what food I had before I moved. I don't actually recommend it, even though it's not bad. When I've had Blimpie, I've liked it, but I think it's because they weren't shy about putting on lettuce!

Cash - I have to be in the mood for cold cut ham, and I rarely am. Yeah, the eternal ham is basically the same thing. It's just not that good! The real deal is so much better!

banana said...

Extra tomatoes is a must at subway.

Try substituting canned salmon for canned tuna when you want a tuna sandwhich. We did, and we have never gone back to tuna.

tearese said...

My favorite sandwich that I make regularly at home (when I have the ingredients) is grilled cheese with mayo, mustard, lots of tomatoes and avocado. When Joseph makes it, he puts way too little veggies,a nd adds way too much lunchmeat, which I usually leave out of mine.
When we lived in Everett, WA, I often got a sandwich with turkey, cranberries, sounds like that same one you like.

tearese said...

oh,and we use our George Foreman grill thingy to make grilled sandwiches, and never for actual hamburgers 'cause it's too hard to clean.
Our grilled tuna sandwiches have cheese and relish in them, because that's how Joseph made them, but his has mayo and mine has miracle whip. Though I prefer mayo for some other sandwiches.
Also, always on whole wheat..white is gross!

julie said...

I agree, most sandwiches places have way too much bread. I never really cared before my surgery, but now it's hard for me to have so much bread. A lot of times, I'll eat my sandwich open-faced, which may be why I prefer less veggies...too messy without a top! It's been so long that I can't really remember my pre-surgery preferences. And, there is definitely such a thing as too much meat! It's all about the ratios.

I think if I ate a pb&j tortilla sandwich, I'd warm it up, grill it like a quesadilla...maybe put bananas in it?

Cardine said...

banana - Salmon does seem like a good alternative to tuna, but I also really like tuna, so I don't think I could ever totally give it up!

Tearese - I usually prefer whole wheat, too, but there is something nostalgic about pb and j on crappy white bread! Does your turkey/cranberry sandwich also have cream cheese?

I don't have a mayo/Miracle Whip preference. I think they're both good.

Julie - Ooooh, bananas in a pb and j tortilla. It could taste good!

Emily said...

Try a grilled cheese with strawberry jam on top. Yum. :)