Monday, April 22, 2013

Déjà vu

My life is like one extended déjà vu experience. I seem to consistently have experiences where I feel déjà vu. I've even felt it when walking in the door of my house. Of course I walk in my door basically everyday, but sometimes I just feel like that particular day I had had that day's experience before.

I also run into people all the time from earlier periods in my life. Just the other day I went to a wedding in another city, and a guy from a completely different wedding in the same building approached me and told me that I looked familiar. It didn't take too long to figure out that we had known each other fifteen years ago. FIFTEEN YEARS. The funny thing is that a lot of times this happens when I'm out of town. I'll see or run into people that I haven't seen for a long time.

I used to have a game with my siblings where we'd guess how many people we'd see that we know when we'd go on vacation. The funny thing is that I've run into people I know in places far and wide. It really is a small world, and I think it's amazing when I run into someone I know in Israel or China or wherever I am.

And since I live in the same town where I went to high school you'd think that I'd run into people from high school all the time. Well, I don't, really. There are probably some people who have lived here the whole time that I have who I haven't seen since high school. Sometimes you never hear from them again. I guess you can never tell who/when people will crop back up in your life.

Does this ever happen to you, or is it just me?


julie said...

It doesn't happen to me very often but it sure if fun when it does. I always wonder if I'll see people I used to know when I go to Cedar but I never do. Even when I lived there, like you I rarely ran into people from high school at Walmart or the grocery store.

I'm glad I got to see you at the wedding luncheon! You looked great, as usual, and it was fun chatting.

tearese said...

happens all the time, especially at churchy type things. Or you find out you know a mutual person. Like, there was a girl in my ward in Seattle, whos mom worked with my mom at the same school. and someone from our highschool is in our same district at church, and I see her whenever we have a District Conference. What are the odds?