Sunday, May 12, 2013

What I Like About Spring

There are actually quite a few things I hate about Spring. I know you're thinking I'm crazy, but you see, I have allergies during this time of year, and they really affect my energy level. Anyway, this post is not about what I hate about Spring. It's about what I LIKE about Spring. I just need to pep myself up for this time of year, so I'm doing it by looking at the positives:

1. I've been inside all Winter, so the sun is refreshing!
2. I can begin to recreate outside by walking, hiking, playing croquet, biking, going to parks, etc.
3. Camping without freezing is feasible!
4. Flowers.
5. Movies start coming out in the theater that I want to see.
6. The outdoor vendors open, such as shave ice shacks and barbecue places.
7. I can wear sandals without freezing my toes!
8. Sometimes I take vacations in the Spring!
9. The sound of lawnmowers.
10. People seem happier in the Spring.
11. Produce seems to start to get much better in the Spring.
12. My appetite ebbs (which is bad this year, but whatever).

Ah, Spring.


julie said...

What a great picture! I love tulips - they're so sweet. Spring flowers always seem so friendly and cheerful.

I can totally see how allergies would affect your opinion of Spring. Mine don't start to get bad until June, which I consider to be Summer, and usually only last the month, so they don't totally kill my enjoyment of the season. Allergies are awful, though. How long do your allergies last?

Sarah P said...

I appreciate positive posts, like this. Especially about spring, because I love everything about it.

This year, it already feels like summer to me, though. That might have something to do with the little heater inside me.

Also, I have noticed the beautiful, white blossoming trees (like popcorn!); they are so full and the fragrance is heavenly! The one I passed this morning made me think that's how Lehi's "tree of life" must have appeared.

Cardine said...

Julie - My allergies usually run for a few months. Usually around 3 or 4. If I don't go outside so much, they don't bother me in the same way, but I feel the need to hike! I shouldn't complain so much, as they didn't start bothering me as early this year, just because we had some cold snaps, but still. No energy.

Thanks, Sarah!

tearese said...

I didn't have allergies till I was in Seattle, near all the cherry blossoms. When I moved back to UT I thought it'd go away but it was much worse, and I actually had to get antihystamine eyedrops because it looked like I had pinkeye all the time and always had to wear glasses, from April through August. Here, I seem just fine. Which should make spring nicer, but there aren't any trees or blossoms to see nearby, so it's a little sad. (maybe that's why there are no allergies?)

Cardine said...

Tearese, I wonder if I would still have allergies where you are since there are grasses there? No trees or flowers, but grass! Allergies are so weird, and we are all so different.