Monday, June 03, 2013

To Motivate You to Get out of the House

I am finally going through some photos. It's been a few years since I have done so. Here are some lovely photos that I've taken in the past couple of years of places I've enjoyed seeing. Hopefully after reading this post, you will want to go for a nice walk outside to see some beautiful views, even if it's just enjoying the trees, grass, and flowers in your neighborhood!

 This was from a trip to Havasupai. It was the water way through the campgrounds. I thought it was pretty.


 There had been some serious rainfall right before we arrived. They had diverted some of the flooded waters away from the main water, and this was diverting it back into the main river. Check out the color difference! Amazing! Look at that blue and brown.

This is a photo above of Mooney Falls. It is spectacular.

Here is another view of it.

And another, for perspective.

 These are the Lower Navajo Falls. These were probably my favorite to play in because they're not quite as big as the others, so we could jump through the falls and play around them without danger of being sucked under the falls.


 These are the Havasu Falls. I didn't get a fantastic photo of them, but there are people in the water, for perspective. You can't see the people, really. I recommend going to Havasupai sometime. The 10 mile backpacking hike to the campgrounds and back was hard, I confess, but I really enjoyed my stay there.

The above photo was from my trip to Hole in the Rock. I didn't hike it, but I would like to do so in the future. I think I will have to camp a little closer because a day trip was a little too much driving for me for one day.


I recently went to Capitol Reef National Park. I had never been there before. We went on a couple of hikes. It was very pretty.


 These rocks are called the twins. We joked about them each time we drove by, so we thought we'd take a photo. When we pulled off to take the photo, there was another car at the pull out, and it was the exact same color and model as my car! There were twins at the twins!


 We also went to Goblin Valley State Park on that trip. I thought the valley was amazing and very cool.


I felt like a Smurf next to these mushroom-looking formations. It really was cool, and I recommend this state park for families. There were a bunch of families there when I was there, and the kids all seemed to be having a fantastic time running around throughout the formations. That's what's awesome about this place. You can climb all over everything. The next time I go, I will want to find the caves and explore them. I'll need to take a helmet and a headlamp, I think. 


We went on a hike. It was kind of the coolest hike, unlike one I've ever been on. There were mounds of dirt, like little hills, and most the hike was in the small gully between the mounds/hills. I should have gotten a better photo, but the above photo is a rock formation that we named the Gargoyle Carousel. It looks like little gargoyles coming out of the rock in a circular carousel fashion.

So, I hope you enjoyed these photos! The world is really a beautiful place, and I'm so thankful to be able to see a lot of it. I hope you take the time the enjoy the beauty around you!


dub said...

They ARE lovely photos! Nice work! And boy have I needed extra motivation to get me out of the house and on walks lately. It just takes so much more work now than it used to. :) Thanks for the inspiration. I will try to get out more this week.

julie said...

I'm so glad that you posted these pictures! I love seeing pretty scenery, even if it's just by picture, although I prefer it in real life, of course. I also like hearing about your travels.

I've never been to Goblin Valley, but I really want to go. I only hear positive things about it. Maybe we'll go next summer. I have also heard great things about Havasupai, but the hike doesn't sound appealing. Not that that would prevent me from going; I've just never planned the trip to go. Maybe someday.

Sarah P said...

I definitely enjoyed those photos! Yay! And Havasupai!! Wow... those waterfalls are huge. I had no idea. That's going on my list of places to visit. I think I was relatively close to it (I mean, besides the 10-mile hike into it, of course). I mean, I think I was in the "neighborhood" recently. I'll have to look it up.

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Amazing nature, i really need to get out of the house, thanks for sharing you have a nice blog.

tearese said...

I don't think I've been to any of those places before. I'm missing out! Thanks for the pictures.

Cardine said...

Thanks for all your comments! I have really been trying to get out and see stuff!

cash said...

Really pretty. I think you should go cave-exploring, too. Definitely take a helmet and headlamp when you go spelunking. Remember when I hit my head on the stalactite inside the dried-out cave at Cascade Falls?

Cardine said...

Cash, I think the real question is, do you remember when you hit your head at Cascade Falls?