Sunday, April 03, 2011

You Can Learn A Lot of Things from the Flowers

This is one way you can tell it's Spring where I live:

Yep. There are flowers that have bloomed, but it still also snows. The snow pretty well melted by the afternoon.

I find snowfall on flowers to be oddly beautiful. The sad thing about it being so warm and then snowy is that some of the trees already had blossoms. If it freezes tonight, my parents' peach trees will probably not produce this year, and that is sad. Those peaches are so delicious, and they make the best peach pies. I'm already mourning their loss. Ah well. I'm still expecting a few more days of snow. It's not usually over until mid-May.

Yes, this was a blog post about the weather. I am my father's daughter.


Mellissa said...

You could say this blog post was really about peaches. You wrote about them as much as the weather. And peaches are delicious!

cash said...

Dad told me the cherries were probably doomed, too. Sad.

Cardine said...

If I talk about the garden, then I am still my father's daughter. I am trying to study his magical gardening skills!

And yes, cash, the cherries are likely gone, as well. Sad face.

tearese said...

My dad's life revolves around the weather. It's always the first thing he mentions in phone calls or email.
Sad about the usually snows up into June, so does the fruit usually produce?